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Alap = Conversation.Development of a tune before the song is sung.
Alok = Cry of victory.
Alain = Variant form of Alan.
Alak = Lock of curly hair.
Alaka = Capital of Kuber Dynasty.
Alakananda = River.
Alam = The whole world.
Alamgir = The lord of the whole
Alan = Harmonious. Noble.
Alanis = Attractive. Peaceful.
Rock. Full of cheer.Fair.
Alankar = Jewel.
Alap = Conversation.
Development of a tune before
the song is sung.
Alaric = Ruler of all.
Alasdair = Variant of Alexander.
Alastair = Defender of mankind.
Alauddin = Superiority of religion. 2nd sultan
of the Khilji dynasty of India. Superiority of religion.
Alben = White. Fair.
Albern = Noble bear.
Albert = Noble and Brilliant.
Albin = White.
Albion = White cliffs. An ancient poetic name
for Britain.
Alcott = From the old cottage.
Alden = Old Friend. Protector.
Aldo = Old one. Elder. Rich.
Aldous = Old. Wise
Aldric = Old ruler. Wise ruler.
Aldrich = Wise ruler.
Aleajah = The lord is your god.
Alec = Form of Alexander. Defender of Mankind.
Aleck = Form of Alexander. Defender of Mankind.

Aleem = A learned person. Knowledgeable.
Alejandro = Variant of Alexander.
Alek = Form of Alexander. Defender of Mankind.
Aleksanya = Defender of men/mankind. Leader.
Alekshurik = Defender of men/mankind. Leader.
Aleron = Knight.
Alex = Form of Alexander.
Alexander = Defender of men/mankind. Leader.
Alexei = Protector.
Alexis = Defender of mankind.
Alfinso = Ready for battle.
Alfonso = Ready. Eager.
Alford = From the old ford.
Alfred = Elf - wise councellor.
Alger = Noble spearman.
Algernon = Bearded.
Alhad = Joy.
Ali = Protected by god. The highest. The greatest.
Alif = Familiar. Itimate.Tame. Friend.Geneial. Associate. Companion. Beloved.
Alike = Light.
Alipth =Neutral.Dispassionate. Detached.
Alison = Of sacred fame.
Allah = Almighty.Arabic meaning of God.The
God. The essential name of the God.
Allama prabhu = Founder of "Anubhav Mantap".
Allan = Handsome. Harmonious.Fair.

Allard = Brave and noble.
Allen = Handsome. Harmonious.Variant of Alan.
Allon = Great tree.
Alman = A kind of Song.
Alok = Inrisible. Cry of victory.
Alon = Oak tree.
Alonzo = Ready for battle. Variant form of alphonse.
Alop = Who does not disappear.
Alphonso = Ready for battle.
Alquino-Fierce and intelligent.
Alston = Of the noble estate.
Altaf = Kindness.Grace.Favours.
Altair = First magnitude star in the constellation Aquilla.
Altman = Oldman.
Alton = From the old town.
Alva = Sublime. Name of a place. Tribal name.

Alvaro =Truth speaker.Guardian.
Alvern = Spring. Greening.
Alvin = Loved by all. Wise friend.
Alvis = All knowing.
Amadeo = Loved by God.
Amadeus = Loves God.
Amal = Pure.Limpid.
Amalanand = Pure joy.
Amalendu = Moon
Amalesh = Pure.
Aman = Peace.
Amanda = Worthy of Love.
Amar = Immortal.Always alive. Winner of Death.
Amara = Eternally Beautiful. Immortal.
Amarabahu = Son of Anaranya of Ecchvaku dynasty.
Amarakeerthi = Eternal fame.


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