Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with M - Baby Names with Meanings

Milson = Son of the Miles
Milton = Of the mill town.
Mirumbi = Born during the rain.
Mischa = Who is like god.
Mita = One who has been measured and gauged. Tried and tested. A friend. Little. Short. Brief. Firm. Founded. Established.
Mitchell = Who is like god.
Mithun = Couple. Duo. A pair.
Mithil = Kingdom.
Mithilesh = King of Mithila.
Mitra = Friend.
Milind = Bee.
Mirza = Prince.
Moe = Another name for Moses.
Mohan = Attractive Person.
Mohit = Charming.
Morse = Son of the dark one, Name of a scientist.
Mohammed = Praised.
Moksh = Mukti. Freedom after death.
Monroe = From the red marsh.
Montague = From the pointed mountain.
Monte = From the pointed mountain.
Montgomery = From the rich man's mountain.
Moore = Dark-complected.
Mordecai = Warrior.
Morey = Sailor.
Morgan = Sea-white.
Morley = From the moor meadow.
Morris = Dark skinned.
Morrison = Son of Maurice.
Morse = Son of Maurice.
Mortimer = Dweller by the still water.
Morton = From the estate on the moor.
Moses = Drawn from water. Saved.
Moshe = Saved.
Mosi = Firstborn.
Moss = Saved.
Muhammad = Praised.
Muir = Of the moors.
Muninder = King of Rushi's.
Muntoe = From the red marsh.
Munyaradzi = Comforter.
Murdock = Prosperous seaman.
Murray = Sailor.
Muni = A sage. Rushi. Saint.
Mukesh = Leader.
Mukti = Liberation.
Mukteswara = God who gives freedom/Mukti.
Murali = Flute. Pipe. Melodious. Harmonious. Sweet. Enchanting.
Muralidhar = One who wears & plays Murali (Flute).
Muralinath = The Music from the Flute.
Murthy = Idol.
Murugan = Kumaran, Subramaniam, Vinayaka's younger brother, Lord Shiva's younger son.
Mushk = Saint.
Mycheal = Who is like god.
Myles = Warrior
Myron = Pleasant. Fragrant.
Mythil = Kingdom.
Mythri = Friend.


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