Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with G - Baby Names with Meanings

Gabriel = God is my strength.
Gods able-bodied one.
Gad = Happy.
Gadhadhar = Vishnu holding a mace. Gagan = Sky
Gaganchandra = The moon in the sky.
Gaganvihari = One who moves in the sky.
Gage = Pledge.
Gahan = Deep.Complex.
Gajaanan = Ganesh with Elephant face.
Gajamuka = Elephant faced Ganesha.
Gajendra = King of Elephants.
Galav = Name of a Sage.
Gale = Lively.Gay.
Galen = Bright little one. Tranquil.
Gali(Gaali) = Surname. Wind.
Galvin = Sparrow.
Gamaliel = God has given.
Gambheer = Dignified.Majestic.Brave.
Ganapathi = Head of Shiva Ganas - Vinayaka.
Gandhamadhan = A mountain.
Gandharva = A category of celestial,beings.Heavenly Musician.
Gandhi = Surname.Name of the 'Father of the nation(India)'who fought for and achieved India's independence from the British.
Ganesh = Lord Vinayaka.

Gangeya = Son of river Ganga - Bheeshma.(one who has chosen the timing of his death).
Gannon = Fair.
Ganya = Notable.Important person. Garalakant = One with poison in the neck - Lord Shiva.
Gardner = Keeper of the garden.
Gareth = Gentle.
Garland = Wreath. Prize. Surname.
Garnet = Constancy. Keeper of grain. Surname.
Garrad = From Gerald. Variant of Garret (Spear ruler).
Garret = Spear ruler.
Garrick = Rules by the spear.
Garrison = Spear-fortified town.
Garron = Guardian.
Garth = Enclosure, Protector.
Garud(Garuda) = Eagle. Vishnu's vehicle.
Garudadwaj = Vishnu.
Garudavahan = Vishnu.
Garve = Rough. Rugged.
Garvin = Friend. Smart one.
Garvyn = Friend. Smart one.
Gary = Spear.
Gauda = Surname.
Gauhar = A Pearl.
Gaurav = Respect. Honour.
Gautam = Remover of Darkness. Another name of Buddha.
Gavaskar = Surname.

Gavendra = Holy bull,Nandi.Shiva's Vahana.
Gavin = White hawk.
Gaviranga = Lord Ranganath.
Gbemisola = God placed me in wealth.
Geervan = Sanskrit language.Brahma.
Gene = Short form of Eugene (Well born).
Geoffrey = Divinely peaceful.
George = Farmer. Tiller of the soil.
Gerardo = Brave Spearman.
Ghanashyam = Krishna.
Ghanavanth = Dignified person.Noble person.
Ghobil = A sanskrit Scholar.
Ghrisrunesh = One of the twelve Jyotirlingas.
Ghritakesh = Agni,the fire God.
Ghusmesh = Shiva.
Gihan = Son of a warrior.
Giles = Youthful downy-beared one.


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