Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with E - Baby Names with Meanings

Earlene = Noblewoman.
Eartha = The earth
Eashaa = Desire.Durga.
Eashana = Desire.
Eashani = Goddess Parvathi.
Eashanye = The diety who looks after the direction Eashanya(East).
Eashita = Wanted.Superiority.
Eashtadevata = Favourite diety.
Eashwari = Goddess Parvathi.
Easter = From the holiday Easter.
Ebbani = Dew drops.
Ebony = From the black wood of India and Ceylon.

Eccha = Desire.
Ecchita = Wanted.
Ecchumati = River.
Echo = The nymph who loved Narcissus.
Edaña (e DA nya) = Fire. Fiery one. Flame. Ardent.
Eden = Delight.
Edith = Rich gift.
Edlyn = Noble one.
Edmunda = Feminine of Edmund. Edna = Rejuvenation.
Edorña (e DOOR nyae) = Fire. Fiery one. Flame. Ardent.
Edra = Powerful.
Edrie = Powerful.
Edwarda = Feminine of Edward. Edwina = Feminine of Edwin.
Eeswari = Another name of Lalithamba.
Efimia = Happiness.
Efrona = Feminine of Efron.
Egberta = Feminine of Egbert. Eglantine = Wild rose.
Eileen = Variant of Helen.
Eirean = Silver.
Ekananga = Krishna's sister.Yashoda's daughter.
Ekapatala = Sister of Parvathi.Wife of sage Jaigeesghavya.
Ekatha = Unity.
Ekavali = A necklace.Daughter of king Raibhya.
Ekoparna = Sister of Parvathi.Wife of sage Asita. Ela = Earth
Ela Devi = Earth
Elana = Oak Tree.
Elaine = A form of Helen.
Elba = For the island off the coast of Italy.
Elodra = Golden. Glided.
Eldrida = Wise counselor.
Eleanore = Light.
Electra = Shining one.
Elena = Bright girl.
Eleni = Torch, Light.
Eliana = God's answer.
Eleni = Torch, Light.
Eliora = God is my light.
Elisa = Dedicated to God.
Elise = Another form of Elizabeth.
Elissa = Beautiful. Regal. In control.
Elizabeth = Consecrated to God.
Ella = Light. Short form of Eleanor and Ellen. All. Ellen = Light. Variant of Helen (Shining Light)
Ellice = Feminine of Elias or Ellis.
Ellie = Beauty.
Elma = Feminine of Elmo.
Eloise = Variant of Louise.
Elsa = Consecrated to God.
Elvira = Elfin.
Elvisa = Feminine of Elvis.
Elysia = Place where happy souls dwell. Mythical place after death for heros.
Emani = Trust worthy.
Emerald = From the gem emerald.
Emily = Industrious. Striving. Artistic.
Emina = Distinguished.
Emly = Industrious. Striving.
Ema = Short form of Emily. Flatterer. Industrious. Feminine form of Emil.


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