Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with G - Baby Names with Meanings

Gabrielle = Feminine of Gabriel.
Gaia = An earth goddess
Gail = Father Rejoices. Joyful.
Gaja Lakshmi = Godess Lakshmi (one of the 8 Lakshmis).
Galadriel (ga-LAD-dree-EL) = Name of the queen of the elves.
Galatea = Ivory-colored.
Gale = My father Rejoices. Delightful. Name of king David's third wife. Source of joy.
Gali = Fountain.
Galilea = From the province of Galilee.
Galina = Variant of Helen.
Galya = God has redeemed.
Gamma = The third(child).
Ganga = River Ganga. The Ganges.
Ganit = Garden.
Garda = Protected.
Gardenia = From the flower gardenia.
Garlanda = Wreath.
Garnet = From the gem garnet.
Gautami = Name of a river.
Gavrila = Feminine of gabriel.

Gayatri = Name of a Godess. Name of a famous Mantra.
Gayla = Festive party.
Gayle = Festive party.

Gayne = Woman.
Gayora = Valley of light.
Gazit = Of hewn stone.
Geetali = As pure as the words of the Geeta or Gita.
Geetika = Alittle song.
Gelyanda = Wandering Angel.
Gema = Gem.Jewel.
Gemina = From the astrological sign Gemini.
Gemma = Gem.Bud.
Genesis = New Beginning.
Geneva = Juniper tree.
Genevieve = White wave.
Georgia = Feminine of George
Geraldine = Feminie of Gerald. Geranium = From the flower geranium.
Gerda = Guarded. Protected. Germaine = A German.
Georgia = Farmer.
Gerogiana = Feminine of George. Gertrude = Spear maiden.
Geula = Redemption.
Gibralta = From the colony of straits of Gibraltar.
Gila = Joy.
Gilada = My joy is eternal.
Gilberta = Feminine of Gilbert.
Gilda = Servant of God.
Gili = My joy.
Gillian = Youthful.


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