Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Aabha = Light.
Aabharan =Jewel.
Aabher = Acow herd.
Aadarsh = Onewho has principles.
Aadhishankar = Sri Shandarachary
founder ofAdwaitha Philosophy.
Aadhunik =Modern. New.
Aadi = First. Aadidev = The first God.
Aadinath =The first God.
Aaditey = Sonof Aditi.
Aafreen = Encouragement.
Aagney = Sonof the fire.
Aagyey = Unknown
Aahlaad = Delight.
Aahlaadith = Joyous person.
Aahwaanith = Who has been invited,Wanted. 
Aakanksh = Desire.
Aakar = Form.Shape 
Aakar = Form.Shape.
Aakash = Sky.Price.Worth.Value.
Aalam = The whole world.
Aaliyah = Sunshine. Happy. Bright.
Aalok = Cryof victory.

Aamod = Pleasant.Accept.
Aandaleeb = Bulbul(Bird).
Aanjaney = Lord Hanuman. 
Aanjaneya = Lord Hanuman.
Aaquid = Onewho promises.
Aarjav = One who is steadfast in happiness or sorrow.
Aaraadhak = Worshipper.

Aaron = Enlightened.High Mountain.Lofty.Inspired.
Aarzoo = Wish.
Aashish = Bless.
Aashlesh = To embrace.

Aashrith = Ruler.
Aashutosh = Who is easily pleased.

Aashka = Receiving or Taking blessings from the God.
Aastik = One who has faith in God.
Aatish = Fire.
Aatmaj = Son.

Aatrey = Anancient name.
Aathiswaran = The Fire.

Aathreya =Descendant of Athri. A disciple of sage Vamadeva.
Aatma = Soul.
Aayu = Span of life. 
Aayushmaan = Long life
Abayomi = He who brings joy.
Abbas = A familyname.Froning one. Ferocious lion .Marvel of Peru.Paternal uncle of Prophetmuhammad.
Abbot = Father.
Abdullah = Servant of God.
Abe = Breath.
Abel = Breath.Exhalation of breath. The second son of 
Adam. Abelard = Resolute.
Aben = Father of multitudes
Abhaas = Awarness.
Abhas = Reflection. 
Abhav = Vishnu. Shiva.Birthless.
Abhay = Fearless. Courageous.
Abhayankar = Person who gives courage and fearlessness.

Abheest = Wanted.Desired.
Abhichandra = Beautiful Moon.
Abheeshta = Ones desire.
Abhigyan = Recollection. Abhijaat = Well born. High born.
Abhijay = Victorious. 

Abhijeet = Victor.Vishnu. Victorious.
Abhijin = Eighth division of the time of the day. Abhijit = Victor. Vishnu.
Abhik = Beloved.
Abhilash = Desire. Wish. Aspiration.
Abhimaan = One with self-respect.
Abhimanyu= Name of Arjun's son. Short tempered. Son of Arjuna & Subhadra. One of the heroes in Mahabharat.
Abhinandan = Congratulations.Handsome son.
Abhinav = Novel. Modern.Brand New. New man.

Abhindra = Devendra. Indra. King of heavens.
Abhineeth = Serene.Loving.Forgiving.

Abhinivesh = Long cherished desire.Idea.
Abhinu = Brave man.
Abhir = Cow herd.
Abhira = Cow herd.
Abhiraam = Lovely.Pleasing.
Abhiraj = Handsome.
Abhirath= Great Chariotist. Handsome.
Abhiroop = Handsome.
Abhirup = Handsome. Pleasing.
Abhisara = One who illuminates.
Abhisheha = Desirous.
Abhishek = Anointing/ritual to bathe Gods.

Abhivaadan = Salute.
Abhivachan = Good word.Promise.
Abhivadak = One who salutes with respect.

Abhivandan = Salute.
Abhayasimha = As fearless as Lion.
Abheek = Fearless. 

Abhivandya= One who is treated respectfully.
Abhyuday =Progress.
Abhra = Mica. Gold. Sky. Camphor. A cloud.

Abigail = Fathers joy.
Abijah = Thelord is my father.

Abilash = Hope.Wish. Desire.
Abinaya = The royal guard.
Abiyah = God is my father.
Abizer = Father of wealth.

Abner = Fatherof light.
Abraham = Fatherof the multitude. Abram = Exalted father. The patriarch Abraham's namebefore God changed it. The lofty one is my father.
Abrar= Truthful people. Saints.
Absalom = Fatherof peace. Son of King David.
Abu = Father.Lotus.Waterlily.Lord.Master. Abubakar = Noble.
Ace = Noble.A nickname given to one who excels. Unity.
Achal = Constant.Unmoving. Static.
Achalendra= The Himalayas.
Achilles =The hero of the trojan war. The mythological hero of the Trojan War.Nameof a saint.
Achintya= Inconceivable. A name of Lord Shiva Good.
Achlendra =King of the mountains.
Achyut = Indestructable.Name of Vishnu. Perfect. Whole. Imperishable.
Achyutanand= The almighty.
Ackerley =Of the oak meadow.
Ackerleigh = Meadow of oak trees
Ackersley = Meadow of oak trees
Acklie = Meadow of oak trees


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