Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Aadarsh= Ideal.
Aadarsha =Ideal.
Aagam = Coming.Arrival.
Aahlaadita= One who is in a happy mood. Aahwaana = Invitation.
Aakaanksha= Desire.  Aakarshaka= Attractive.
Aakarshana= Attraction.
Aaloka = Lustrous.
Aamra-pali= Mango tree leaf.
Aanandi, Aanandita= Always happy woman. 
AamuktaMalya= Name of the poem written by an Inidan King Sri Krishna Deva Raya.
Aanandamayi= Very happy
Aapt = Trustworthy.Friend.
Aapti = Fulfilment.
Aaradhana =Worship.
Aarati = Akind of worship.
Aarti = Blessing. Blessed.

Aarushi = Daughterof Manu.
Aarzoo = Wish.
Aasha = Hope.
Aasha Latha = Creeper of hope.
Aashrita = One Who Has Taken Refuge In The Lord.
Aashita = One who is hopeful.
Aastha = Combination of Faith and Devotion.
Ababa = Flower.
Abayomi = she who brings joy.
Abdhija = Born in Sea.GoddessLakshmi.

Abha = Shining.Lustre. Glorious. Beauty.
Abharan = AJewel.Ornament.
Abhayankari= One who gives courage.Dispels fear. 
Abhayankari= One who gives courage.Dispels fear.
Abharika= One who has a halo around her head. A Goddess.
Abhaya = Fearlessness.Courage.
Abhigeetha= Praised.

Abhigya = Expert.Wellinformed.Adept. Abhijaata(Abhijata) = Well born woman.
Abhijaya =Victorious.
Abhijishya= Independent girl.
Abhijita(Abhijitha)= Victorious woman.
Abhikhya =Beauty.Fame.Shine.
Abhilasha =Desire. Wish. Hope.
Abhilashita= Desired.Yearned for. Abhimaaninee(Abhimanini)(Abhimaanini) = Who possessesself-respect.
Abhinandana= Congragulations.Happiness.
Abhinetri =Actress. Dancer.
Abhinivesha= Long cherished desire.Faith.Determination.
Abhiroopa =Beautiful woman.Attractive.
Abhirami = Beautiful.
Abhisarika= Beloved.
Abhishikta = Laughing girl.
Abhivandya= One who is respected,saluted.
Abigail(Abigal)= My father Rejoices. Delightful. Name of king David's third wife.
Abimola = Bornto the rich.
Abiona = Bornwhile journeying.
Abira = Strong.
Abirami = Lakshmi.

Abjini = Lotuspond.Collection of lotuses.
Acacia = Thorny.
Acantha = From the plant Acanthus.
Acchoda = Limpid water.Pure water.Name of a Pond inheaven.

Acelin = Dream.
Achala = TheEarth

Achintya =Beyond thought.
Achira = Veryshort.
Achiraprabha= Lightening.
Acie = Thorny


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