Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Ahab= Uncle.
Ahalad = Enjoy.
Ahern = Lordof horses.
Ahidhar = Whowears serpents. Shiva.
Ahladith =Joyous person.
Ahmed = Mostpraised.. One of the many names of the Prophet Mohammed.
Ahren = Eagle.
Ahsan = Obligation.
Ahwanith =Who has been invited. Wanted.
Aidan = Fiery.
Aijaz = Favour.
Aiken = Oaken.Sturdy.
Ainesh = Thesun's glory.
Ainsley = Fromthe near meadow.
Airaawat =The celestial Elephant. 
Indra's Chariot  Aj= Not born.
Aja = Brahma.Unborn.
Ajaat = Unborn.
Ajaat Satru= One without enemies.
Ajaata = Unborn.
Ajabu = Rare.
Ajamil = Amythological king. Ibraham who was given salvation at the time of death.

Ajar = Ageless.God.
Ajatha shathru= One who has enemies.
Ajax = Eagle.
Ajay = Invincible.One who cannot be conquered/defeated. Always successful. Vishnu.
Ajit = Invincible.Unconquerable & successful person.
Ajitabh = Onewho conquered the sky. Vishnu, Whose lustre cannot be diminished.
Ajitesh = VictoriousGod.
Aj = Not born.
Ajmal = Pious.
Akalank = Flawless.Faultless. 
Akalmash= Pure.Spotless.
Akansh = Hope.Desire.
Akarshak =Attravtive.
Akarshan =Attraction.
Akash = Thesky.To shine
Akashaling= Shivaling at
Akbar = Powerful.Name of a poweful Mughal
king.Very big.Very great.

Akeno = Brightshining field.
Akhand = Whole.Complete.
Akhandanand= Fully happy The god.
Akhil = World.Whole. Perfect. Entire.
Akhilesh =Lord of the world. God. King.
Akhileshwar= Supreme being.
Akhtar = StarOmen.  Akhyath= Famous.
Akilandeshwar= Lord of the world. God.
King. Emperor.
Akili = Wiseone.
Akmal = Complete.
Akop = Calmone of the Ministers of Dasharatha. 
Akram= Excellent.
Akroor = Gentle.Krishna'sfriend. A Yadava chief.
Akrur = Simple.Polite.
Akshaj =Diamond.Lightening.Vishnu.
Akroor = Gentle.Krishna's
friend. AnYadava chief. Akrur = Simple. Polite.
Akshaj = Diamond.Lightening.Vishnu.
Akshakumar= Son of Ravana & Mandodari. 
Akshan= Eye. Indestructible
Akshapad =Gautam.
Akshar = Imperishable.A
syllable. Permanent.
Akshat = Uninjured.Unscathed.Whole.Vishnu.
Akshay = Immortal.Imperishable.Full.
Eternal. Fullof good things. Invincible 
Akshey= Full. Eternal. Full of good things. Immortal. Imperishable.
Akshay Keerti= Eternal fame.
Akshayakeerthi = Eternal fame.
Aksheen = notfeenle.Strong.
Akshit = Permanent.
Akshobhya =Serene.Calm.Vishnu
Aktar= Scent. Fragrance.
Akul = LordShiva.
Akutil = Upright.Straightforward. 


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