Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Ada= Joyous. Prosperous.
Adabelle =Joyous and fair.
Adag = Pure,blemishless.
Adama = Feminineof Adam.
Adanna = Fathers daughter.
Adarsha(Aadarsha) = Ideal.Aim. Adbhutha = Marvel.Astounding.

Addis = New.
Adela = Noble.

Adelaide =Noble. Kindly. Cheerful.
Adelyne = Noble.Of nobility.
Aderet = Cape.
Adharshana = Idealistic. Adhidevata= Patron diety.Presiding diety.
Adhika = Excess.Abundant.Special.
Adhrushta =Goodluck.Fortune.
Adhya = First power.One of the ten Durgas.
Adil = Sincere. Adina= Graceful. Delicate.
Adisri(Aadisree)= Adi Lakshmi.

Aditi = Nameof a sage. The Earth.Mother of Devas
Adnromeda =The wife of perseus in greek Mythology.
Adna = Pleasure.
Adnah = Pleasure.
Adney = Pleasure.
Adona = Feminineof Adolph.
Adore = Adored.
Adrienne =Noble. Feminine of Adrian.
Adrija = Daughterof the mountain,goddess Parvathi.
Adrika(Aadrika) = A small mountain.
Apsara.Aduke= Beloved.
Aegea = Feminineof Aegeus.
Aeola = Feminineof Aeolus, God of the winds.
Afra = Young Doe. Earth color. From the continent Africa.
Afraka = Flesh & Soul of the morning sun.

Afreen = Encouragement. 
Aftab= The Sun.
Aftan = From Afton

Aganit = Countless.Innumerable. 
Agasthi = Alearned lady of the past. Agasthya = A star
Agatha = Good.Pure.Kind.
Aghamarshan= Destroyer of sin. Aghanashini = Destroyer of sins.River. Agnes = Pure.chaste.True.
Agnidev = TheFire God.
Agnije = Agni'sdaughter,Draupadi. Agnimitra = Agni's friend, the Wind. Agninayan = Shiva.
Agrasandhya= Sunrise.Dawn. Agrata(Agratha) = Leadership.
Agrima = Leadership. 

Ahalya= Wife of sage Gautam. Name of a sage. Ahanti = Name of west African tribe.
Ahava = Beloved.
Ahilyaa = Afamous historical name.
Ahimakar =One who gives warmth .The sun.
Ahiraj = Whowears serpents.Shiva.
Ahish = Kingof sepents.Nagaraj.
Ahlad = Joy. Ahladini(Aahladini)= Joyous person.Lady in happy mood.Happy lady.
Ahladitha(Ahladita)= Joyous person.Lady in happy mood.Happy lady.
Ahobal = Mighty.Hanuman.
Ahwaintha =who has invented. Wanted. 
Aiesha= Woman.
Aimee = Beloved Friend.
Aina = Eternal.

Aisha = Life. Woman. The favourite wife of Mohammed.
Aisheeya = Ocean.
Aishwarya =Wealthy. Prosperity.
Aislinn = Vision. Daydream.

Aissa = Grateful
Aiyana = Everlasting bloom. Forever flowering.
Aizlyn = Dream.

Aja = She goat.Sakti.

Ajaamil = Unfriendly.
Ajabu = Rare.
Ajaganda =Daughter of Aja.

Ajala = TheEarth
Ajamukhi(Ajaamukhi)= Daughter of sage Kashyap & Surase.
Ajath = Birthless.Shiva.Vishnu.Jina.
Ajatha Sathru= One who has no enemies.
Ajeeb = Wonder.
Ajeeta = Invincable; Unconquerable.
Ajendra = Kingof Mountains.

Ajeya = Onewho cannot be conquered, Vishnu.
Ajitesh = Vishnu.
Ajinkya = One who cannot be conquered.
Akalanka =Faultless.Flawles
Akalmasha =Pure.
Akhila= World. Whole. Complete. Universe.Lalithamba's other name.
Akhira = White Lilly.
Akihlandeshwari= Queen of the world. Parvati.

Akhileswari= Lalithamba's other name.
Akrant = Might.Force.
Akriti = Image.

Akshamala =Rudrakshini garland.Another name of Arundathi. Akshata = Unscated.Perfect.
Akshaya = Imperishable.
Akshayamathi = Super intelligence.Divyagyana. Akshayamukthi = Eternal salvation.
Akshita = Yellow Rice used by Hindus for worship and blessing.

Akutila = Simple.Straightforward.


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