Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Angiras = Sage. Brihaspati's father.
Angshu = Ray of light.
Angus = Unique choice.Singular.
Anik = Soldier
Aniket = Homeless.
Anil = The wind god. Vayu. God of wind. Squirrel. Fire.
Anilaabh = Zephyr.
Animesh = Who does not wink. Open-eyed.
Animish = A Deva.
Anindit = Blameless.
Aniruddha = Free. Krishna's
Anirudh = Which cannot be
Anirvan = Deathless.God. Undying.
Anish = God Vishnu.
Anjaana = Stranger.
Anjal = Hollow formed by joining two hand.
Worship. A way of welcoming by Indians.
Anjan = Kajal,black coloured paste applied to
eyes.Lord Hanuman.
Anjaneya = Hanuman. Son of Anjana.
Anjani = Hanuman.
Anjanikumar = Lord Hanuman.
Son of Anjana Devi.
Anjum = A token.Star.
Anjuman = A token. A symbol.
A signet.
Ankit = Marked.
Ankur = Offshoot.Sprout. New life.
Ankush = Check. An instrument used for guiding
elephants. Instrument used to control the Elephant.
Anmol = Priceless.
Anoon = Flawless.Perfect.
Anoop = Place full of water.
Ansejal = Wandering Angel
Ansell = Gods protection.
Anselm = Divine helmet.
Anselmo = Gods protection.
Anshu = Ray of Light. Kiran. The Sun.
Anshuk = Radiant.
Anshul = Sun Ray.
Anshuman = The Sun.
Anshumant = Liminous.
Anson = Divine. Of divine origin.
Anne's son.
Antang = A complete person.

Antaresh = Name of a giant red star
Antariksh = Space. Sky.
Anthahkaran =Kindness. Sympathy.
Fellowfeeling. Tenderness.
Anthony = Beyond praise. Flower. Easy to praise. Highly praiseworthy.
Antinko = Inestimable.
Antoine = Flower. Easy to praise.Highly praiseworthy.
Antony.Anton = Inestimable.
Antonio = Flower. Easy to praise.Highly praiseworthy.
Antosha = Inestimable.
Anu = Atom.
Anubhuti = Experience. feeling.
Anuchand = Handsome.
Anudeep = Lamp.
Anugra = Calm.
Anugraha = Grace.
Anugun = Fitting.
Anuhlad = Brother of Prahlad.
Anuj = Young brother.

Anunay = Gentle comfort. Supplication. Consolation.
Anup,Anoop = Handsome. Graceful. Without comparison.
Anupam = Beyond comparison. Unique. Excellent. Without comparison.
Anuraag = Love.
Anurag = Attachment. Love.
Anuranjan = Entertaining.Handsome.
Anuroop = Worthy of.Befitting.Lovely.
Anuttam = Unsurpassed.
Anuva = New Beginning.
Anuvind = One who receives.Cousin of SreeKrishna.
Anuvrat = One of the five religious practices enjoined upon a Jain house holder.
Anveshak = One who persues.Seeker.
Anveshan = Finding.
Anwar = Devotee of God.


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