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D'Artagnan (dar TAY nee yen or dar teh NYON in French) = Name of the 'fourth musketeer' in the novel The Three Musketeers, synominous with truth, honor, youthful exuberance and commitment.
Dacey = Southerner.
Dafydd = Dearley Loved.
Dag = Day. Brightness.
Dagan = Grain. Corn.
Daivamsh = Of divine origin.
Daivik = Divine.Fortune.
Dak = Elf Magic
Daksha = Able. Competent.Name of ancient Hindu king & father of Godess Parvathi.
Dakshinamurthy = Shiva.
Dakshineshwar = Shiva.
Dalapathi = Head of an army division.
Dale = Valley dweller.
Dallas = For the city in Texas.
Dallin = Prides People.
Dalton = From the valley town.
Dalton = Name of a place. The settlement in the valley.
Daly = Counselor.
Damarugendra = Shiva.
Damian = To tame.
Damodar, Daamodar = Vishnu
Damon = Tamer. Subduer.
Dan = A short form of Daniel.
Dana = From Denmark.
Danasheel = A donor.Philanthropist.
Dandak = Song Echavaku.
Dandapani = Shiva.
Daniel = God is my judge.
Danish = Knowledge. Wise.
Dankana = Name of an sculptor of olden days.
Dante = Enduring.
Danton = Of Anthony.
Darby = Free man.
Darcy = From the stronghold.
Darius = To possess good. Wealthy.
Darien = Great. Small. Rocky Hill.
Darnell = From the place of hiding.
Darpan = Mirror.
Darren = Beloved. Great little one.
Darryl = Darling.
Darshan = Religious text.One of the six systems of Indian philosophy.Vision.
Darshanik = A Philosopher.
Darton = From the deer park.
Darwin = After the British naturalist Charles Darwin.
Dashajyothish = Ten scars of Agni. Dasharath = Sri Rama's father. Dasharathi = Dasharatha's Son,
Sri Rama.
Datar = Donor.Liberal person. Dattadri = A sage.
Dattatreya = descendent of Dattadri Daulat = Riches.Power.Pride.
David = Beloved.
Davian = Dear one.
Davin = Bright finn.
Davis = Son of David.
Dawson = Davids son.
Dayakar = Who sows kindness and compassion.
Dayal = A kind and compassionate person.
Dayanand = Who is pleased to help.To be kind.
Debashis = Blessing from god.
De Witt = Fair one.
Deacon = Messenger.
Dean = From the valley. Greek god. Great leader.
Dearborn = Beloved child.
Declan = Man of Prayer.
Dedrick = Ruler of the people.
Deenanath = Protector of poor and doowntrodden.God.


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