Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with C - Baby Names with Meanings

Ciana = Feminine form of John.
Ciara = Dark.
Cicely = From a Roman clan name.
Cierra = Black.
Cindrella = From the fairy tale. Clair,Clare = Bright. Shining.
Claire = Clear, Bright, Brilliant.
Clara = Bright. Shining.
Clarabelle = Bright and Beautiful.
Clare = Clear. Shinning.
Clareta = Clear, Bright, Brilliant.
Clarissa = Made famous.
Claudia = Feminine of Claudius. Lame.
Clelia = A legendary Roman heroine. Clematia = Vine.
Clementine = Feminine of Clement. Cleopatra = Of a famous father.
Clorinda = A name coined by the Italian poet Tasso.
Clothilda = Battle maid.
Clover = From the flower clover.
Clytie = Splendid.
Cody = Helpful.
Colette = Victorious.
Colleen = Girl. Maiden.
Columba = Dove.
Comfort = Aid.Comfort.
Conception = Beginning.
Concordia = Harmony.
Connie = A familar form of Constance.
Consolata = Consolation.
Constance = Constancy. Firmness.
Consuela = Consolation.
Cora = Maiden.

Corabelle = Beautiful Maiden.
Coral = Sea coral.
Cordelia = Jewel of the sea.
Coretta = Maiden.
Corin = Lion.
Corinne = Maiden.
Corinthia = From the Greek city of Corinth.
Corliss = Good-natured.
Cornelia = Feminine of Cornelius.
Corryn = Lion.
Cosima = Feminine of Cosmo.
Courtney = Courtly. Courteous. Peaceful.Mischievous. Name of a place.Surname.
Cressida = Golden.
Crispina = Feminine of Crispin.
Crysella = Dark beauty.
Crystal = Brilliant. Pure. Ice. Bright.
Curyn = Lion.
Cy = Baby girl.
Cynara = Perhaps from the Aegean island of Zinara.
Cynthia = A greek God. The Goddess of the Moon.
Cypria = From the island of Cyprus.
Cyra = Feminine of Cyrus.
Cyrena = The water nymph.
Cyril = From god.
Cyrilla = Feminine of Cyril.
Cytherea = A title assigned to Venus from the island of Cythera, her supposed birthplace


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