Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with H - Baby Names with Meanings

Habib = Beloved.
Hadden = Child of heather
filled valley.
Hadrien = Dark. Variant of Adrian.Name of a Roman emperor who was a gifted writer and architect who caused Hadrian's Wall build in Britain.
Hafiz = One who has memorised the Koran.Protected.
Hadar = Adornment.
Hadi = Guiding to the right.
Hadley = From the heath meadow.
Hadrian = A saints name. Dark one. Of
the Adriatic. Bold.
Hadwin = Friend in war.
Hafeez = The Protector.
Hagen = Little one. Young.
Haines = From the hedged enclosure.
Hakeem = Wise.
Hakim = Wise.
Hakon = High-born. Of the noble race.
Hal = Army ruler.

Hal = Nickname of Henry
Halayudh = Balaram.
Halden = From Denmark.
Half Danish.
Hale = Dweller in the hall.
Haleem = Mild.
Halen = Hall.
Haley = Ingenious.
Halford = From the river-crossing manor.
Halil = Close friend.
Halim = Gentle.
Hallam = From the hill side.
Halley = From the manor meadow. Halsey = From Hal's island.
Halstead = From the manor.
Hamal = Lamb.
Hameed = A friend.
Hameem = Friend.
Hamid = Friend.Thankful to God.Mohammed.
Hamilton = From the mountains estate. Name of a place.Surname of one of the great noble families in Scotland.
Hamish = Variant of Jacob.
Hamlin = Little home-lover.
Hampton = Name of a place. Surname.
Hamsanand = Atmanand. Supreme.Joy.
Hamsavahan = Brahma.
Hanford = From the high ford.
Hanif = Believer.
Hank = Nickname of Henry.
Hans = God has been gracious. Gracious gift of God - John.
Hanson = Son of hans.
Hanuman = Lord Anjaneya. Greatest
devotee of Lord Rama.
Hanumanth =Lord Hanuman.
Hanumesh = Rama's great devotee and servant.
Harachoodamani = The moon
Haradut = Given by hara.
Haran = Eashwar.Life.
Haraprasad = Gift of Shiva.
Harcourt = Fortified dwelling.
Harden = From the hare valley.
Hardik = From the heart. King & Soul of love.
Hardy = Bold. Daring.


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