Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with H - Baby Names with Meanings

Harel = God's mountain.
Hari = God. Vishnu.Lion.
Hari Kumar = Son of Vishnu.
Hari om = Hari mantrakshara.
Hari Prasad = Gift of Lord Vishnu.
Haridas = Servant of Vishnu. Worshipper of Vishnu.
Harihar = Half Shiva and Half Vishnu.
Harihareshwar = Half Shiva and Half Vishnu. Harikripa = Gift of Vishnu.
Harikumar = Son of Vishnu.
Harin = Deer.
Harinadhar = The Moon
Harinath = Vishnu.
Hariprasad = Gift of Lord Vishnu. Harischandra = Name of an ancient king & ancestor of Lord Rama who is known for his love for truth and never lied.
Harish = Vishnu.
Harith = Green colour.Surya's horse.One of the six Acharyas. Plowman.
Harivathsa = Hari's son,Brahma.
Harmeet = God's beloved.
Harlan = From the battle land.
Harley = Deer Hunter.Meadow of the hares. Archer.
Harlow = From the fortified hill.
Harman = Soldier.
Harmendra = The Moon
Harmon = Warrior.
Harold = Army Commander.Leader of Armies.One who proclaims.
Harold = Army ruler.
Haroun = Arabic form of Aaron.
Harper = Harp player. Minstrel.
Harris = Son of Harry.
Harry = Henry.
Harsha = Joy. Happiness. Congratulating.
Harshavardhana = One who increases happiness.
Harshendra = Happy as a king.
Hart = Brave.Strong. Stag.

Hartley = Of the deer meadow.
Hartwell = From the deer's spring.
Harvey = Warrior.
Haryshwa = Indra.Shiva.
Hasanmukh = Smiling face.Happy expression.

Haseen = Hansome.
Hasith = Smile. Cheerful
Haskel = Probably a Yiddish form of Ezekiel.
Hassan = A saint.Handsome.
Hatshit = Happy.
Havelock = Sea battle.
Hawley = From the hedged meadow.
Hayagreev = An incarnation of Vishnu.
Hayavadan = Neck of a horse.An incarnation of Vishnu with face of a horse.
Hayden = From the hedged valley.
Hayes = From the hedged place.
Hayward = Keeper of the hedged enclosure. Haywood = From the hedged forest.
Heath = Of the heath.
Hector = Steadfast.
Hema Chandra = Golden Moon
Hemakesh = Shiva.
Hemant = One of the seasons.
Hemendra = Wealthy person.
Henry = Ruler of an Estate.
Henry = Rules his household.
Heramba = Ganapathi.
Herbert = Bright warrior.
Herbert = Illustrious warrior.
Hercules = In hera's service.
Herman = Warrior.
Hernando = Advernturesome. Strong.
Hershel = Deer.
Hewitt = Little hugh.
Heywood = From the hedged forest. Hilary = Cheerful.
Hillel = Greatly praised.
Hilliard = Brave warrior.
Hilton = From the hill estate.
Himabhas = The Moon
Himachalendra = The Himalaya mountain.
Himadyuti = The Moon
Himaghna = The Sun.
Himagiri = The Himalaya mountain. Himakur = The Moon
Himanshu = The Moon
Himavant = The Himalaya mountain. Himir = Darkness.


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