Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with I - Baby Names with Meanings

Ian = John, Form of John. God has been gracious.
Iain = Form of Ian.
Ianto = Form of Ian.
Ibrahim = Arabic form of Abraham. The Earth
Ichabod = Departed glory.
Ignatius = Ardent. Fiery.
Igor = Hero.
Illya = The Lord is my God.
Imajh = God.
Imelda = Never ending battle.
Immanuel = God with us.
Imran = Strong.
Imthyaz = The chosen one.
Inayat = Kindness.
Indeevar = Lotus.
Indeevaraksh = A gandharva king.
Indiranandan = Lakshmi's son.Wealthy person.
Indiraraman = Vishnu.
Indiresh = Vishnu.
Indra = King of Devas (Angels).
Indra Kumar = Son of Indra.
Indrabh = Light of Indra.
Indrachap = Rainbow.
Indragop = Firefly.Glow worm.
Indrajit = One who conquered Indra. Ravana's son.
Indrakeel = India's banner.A mountain.
Indraneel = A blue gem.
Indrapramaad = An acharya(guru).A disciple of Shwethaketu.
Indrasen = A messenger of Pandavas.Damayanthi'son.
Indrashis = Blessing from Indra(King of Gods).
Indravan = Another name of king Kukuthsu.
Indravarma = A king of Malava Kingdom.
Indrayumna = Another name of Indrajit.
Indris = Lord.
Indroth = Another name of sage Shounak.
Indudhar = Eashwar.

Indujanak = Moon's father.The sea.
Indukanth = Moon shine.Moon Light.
Induprakash = Moon shine.Moon Light.
Indushekhar = Eashwar.
Indutej = Moon shine.Moon Light.
Ingemar = Famous son.
Inger = The son's army.
Ingram = Angel raven.
Innis = From the river island.
Intazar = Expectation.
Iqbal = Prosperity.
Ira = Decendants.
Iravanth = Son of Arjuna and Uloopi.
Iravath = Indra's elephant.

Irene = Peace. Greek goddess of peace. St Irene was one of the 3 sisters martyred for their faith in Macedonia.
Ira = The watchful.
Irshad = Signal.
Irvene = Handsome. Fair.
Irvin = Handsome. Fair.
Irving = Handsome. Fair.
Irwin = Handsome. Fair.
Isaac = He laughs. He will laugh.
Isaiah = God is salvation.
Ishmael = God will hear.
Ishaan = One who bestows wealth. Another name for Lord Shiva.
Ishtarth = Desired.Yearned for.
Ishwar = The God. Lord Shiva. Lord of the universe.
Isidore = God of Isis.
Israel = Wrestling with the Lord. Issachar = There is a reward.
Itai = Friendly.
Itiel = God is with me.
Ittamar = Island of Palm. Gracefulness. Ivan = His favor.
Ivar = Archer.
Iyengar = Surname.
Iyer = Surname.


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