Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with I - Baby Names with Meanings

Icelynn = A spree of calm and dazzling personality.
Icys = Goddess.
Ida = Diligent.
Idalia = Behold the sun.
Idit = Choicest.
Idona = Industrious.
Idonia = Love.
Ife = Love.
Ignacia = Feminine of Ignace.
Ila = Isle. Island. The Earth
Ila Devi. = The Earth
Ilana = Tree
Ilka = Industrious.
Ilona = The bright one. Light.
Imani = Faith. Trustworthy.
Imogene = Image.
Ina = A Latin feminine suffix, but in recent times used alone as a name.
Inari = Small or Shrimp.
Indira = Goddess Lakshni. Name of
God Vishnu's wife.Splendid.
Indra Neel = Saphire.
Indrakshi = Lady with beautiful eyes.
Indrani = Queen. Indra's wife Sachidevi
Indu = Moon
Induja = River Narmada.
Indumathi = Wife of king Aja.
Inez = Pure. Chaste. True.
Ingrid = Daughter.
Iola = Dawn cloud.
Iona = Purple gem.
Innogen = Girl.
Irene = Peace.
Iris = Rainbow.
Irit = Daffodil.
Irma = Strong.
Irvina = Feminine of Irving.
Isabel = Pledged to God. Another form of Elizabeth.
Isadora = Feminine of Isidore.
Isha = Most beautiful day.
Ishani = Goddess durga.
Isis = Egyptian goddess. Sister of Osiris.
Isla = Island. River.
Isolda = The fair.
Israela = Feminine of Israel.
Iti = With me.
Ivana = Feminine of Ivan.
Ivory = Faithful. Feminine of Ivan. From the white substance of tusks,etc.
Ivy = From the ivy vine. Name of an evergreen climbing ornamental plant.


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