Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with K - Baby Names with Meanings

Kimiya = Rare and Pericious.
King = Ruler.
Kingsley = From the king's meadow.
Kingston = From the king's estate.
Kinnar = A demi god.
Kiran = A ray of light. Sunlight ray.
Kiranjit = Sunshines victory.
Kipp = From the pointed hill.
Kirby = From the church town.
Kireet = Crown. Glory. Another name for Arjun.
Kireet = Crown. Glory. Another name for Arjun.
Kirk = Dwellar near Church.
Kirk = Of the church.
Kirn = A ray of light.
Kishan = Krishna.
Kishore = A small boy.
Kit = Christ-bearer. One who belives Christ. With Christ inside. Bearing Christ.
Kito = Gym.
Klaus = Victoriuos.Conquerer of the people. Name of one of the seven "qualified men" in the first century Christian congregation.
Knight = Saviour.
Knox = Of the hills.
Knud = Kind.
Knut = Knot.
Knute = Knot.
Kobi = Brave Warrior.
Kodandaram = Sriram with his bow called kodanda.
Kodhandaraman = Lord Sree Ram.
Kody = Helpful.
Kohinoor = A famous diamond.
Kokil = A Cuckoo. Nightangle.
Kohav =Star
Komal = Delicate. Soft
Koroco = Japanese American Soldier.
Koundinya = Name of a sage.
Kovalum = Delicate. Precious.
Kovid = A learned man.
Kripa = Mercy. Grace. Favour.
Kripacharya = Drona's brother-in-law.
Kripal = Kind merciful person.
Kripasagar = Full of Kindness.
Krishna = Delightful. Incarnation of Vishnu. 9th of Dasavatharas = 1. Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3. Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5. Vamana, 6. Parasurama, 7. Rama, 8. Balarama, 9. Krishna & 10. Kalki.
Krishnadwaipayan = Name of sage vedavyas.
Krispin = Curly haired.
Kristen = God-Bearer. Annointed.
Kristi = Follower of Christ.
Kristin = Annointed one, Beautiful and fair, Devoted to love ones, Someone who cares. Christ bearer.


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