Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with K - Baby Names with Meanings

Kavi = A poet.
Kavindra = A poet.
Kaviraj = A poet.
Kavyanand = Poetic enjoyment.
Kayle = Mighty Warrior.
Keane = Sharp. Handsome.
Keaton = Place of hawks.
Kedar = A pilgrim centre in the Himalayas (Kedarnath).
Kedaar = A pilgrim centre in the Himalayas (Kedarnath).
Kedarnath = Diety worshipped at Badari.
Keefe = Handsome. Lovable.
Keegan = Ardent little one.
Keenan = Little old one.
Keerthibhooshan = Person whose adornment is fame.
Keerthimanth = Dhruva's brother.
Keerthinath = Famous person.
Keerthivanth = Famous man.
Keerti = Glory. Fame.
Keevin = Pain taker.
Keir = Dark-skinned.
Keith = Of the forest.
Kelby = From the farm by the springs.
Kelly = Lively. Aggressive. Warrior. Brave.
Kelsey = Dweller by the water.
Kendall = From the valley of Kent. Ruler of the valley.
Kendra = Wisdom.
Kendrick = Henry's son.
Kenley = From the royal meadow.
Kennedy = Helmeted.
Kenneth = Good looking. Fair. Handsome. Sprung from fire.
Kent = Bright. White.
Kenny = A form of kenneth.

Kenway = Bold in battle.
Kenyatta = Knowledge of the son.
Kenyi = First male child born after 3+ female siblings.
Kenyon = Fair-haired.
Kerak = Ancient hindu warrior.
Kermit = Free man.
Kerry = Dark Haired. Dusky. Dark. Patient person. Kind. Wonderful.
Kesar = Lion.
Kesari = Name of a spice.
Ketan = Banner. Flag. Emblem. Symbol.
Keval = Absolute. Pure.
Kevalnath = Vishnu.
Kevin = Handsome child.
Kevlar = one who is born from the flames into greatness, a living god.
Keyur = Armlet.
Khadyothan = The Sun.
Khalid = Immortal. Eternal.
Khavand = Master.
Khechar = A class of celestial beings. Angles. Gandharvas.
Khudiram = Ramakrishna paramahamsa's father.
Khushnaz = Happy Face. Joyful. Glad.
Khuswant = Happy.
Khyath = Famous.
Khyati = Fame.
Ki = Arisen.
Kiara = Dusky. Dark-hair.
Kieran = Little dark one.
Killian = Warrior.
Kim = Chief.
Kimball = Royally brave.


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