Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with B - Baby Names with Meanings

Brendan = Prince. Little raven.
Brennan = Raven Haired. Dark maiden. Variant of Brendan.
Brent = High Place. Hill top.
Brenton = From the steep hill.
Brett = Brit. A native of Britain.
Brewster = One who brews ale.
Brewer = Hill Place. He ascends. Strength. Honour.
Brian = Strong.
Brianna = Strong. Honorable. Virtuous.
Brianne = Strong. Honorable. Virtuous.
Briar = Without pain.
Brice = Of Britain. Quick moving.
Brick = Bridge.
Brig = Bigman. Tough.
Brigham = Dweller at the bridge.
Brihadashwa = A sage.
Brihaspathi = Doctor and teacher of Devas. Brijanand = Sri Krishna who lived in Brijbhoomi. Brijesh = King of Brij.
Brijmohan = Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna who
lived in Brijbhoomi.
Brijraj = King of Brij.
Briohadbal = Uddhva's brother Sri Krishna's cousin. Brock = Badger. Variant form of Brook.
Brockley = From the badger meadow.
Broder = Brother.
Broderick = Brother. Son of Roderick.
Brodie = Name of a place. Ditch.
Brody = Beard unusual.
Bromley = From the broom meadow.
Bronson = Son of Brown. Son of the dark-skinned one.
Brook = From the brooks.
Brooks = Water. Stream.
Brougher = From the fortress.
Bruce = Name of a place. From the brushwood thicket.
Bruno = Brown. Of dark complexion. Bryan = Variant form of Brian (Hill place).
Bryant = Variant form of Brian
(Hill place).
Bryce = Of Britain. Surname. Form of Brice.
Bryn = Hill
Bryer = Without pain.
Buchard = Strong as a castle.
Buck = Male deer. Buck deer.
Buckley = From the buck meadow. Bud = Brother.
Budd = Herald. Messenger.
Buddha = Gautham.Siddartha.
Buddhadeva = Gautama Buddha. Buddhisagar = Sea of intellect or knowledge.
Budha = A planet.Son of moon .
Budhil = Learned.
Buell = Hill dweller.
Burdett = Surname. Little shield. Burford = From the castle ford. Burgess = Townsman.
Burke = Fortified hill. From the stronghold.

Burl = Fortified. Cup bearer.
Burleigh = From the castle meadow.
Burne = Brown.Brook.
Bear Burr = Youth.
Burt = Fortified.

Burton = From the fortress.
Byford = From the river crossing. Byram = Surname. Of the cattleyard.
Byrd = Bird like.
Byron = From the cottage.


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