Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with B - Baby Names with Meanings

Baako = First Born.
Babatte = Elizabeth. Consecrated to God.
Bahati = Fortunate.
Bailey = Steward. Public official. Courtyard with castle walls.
Bala = Daughter of Lalitha Parameshwari, who is always a nine year old girl.
Balamani = Gem among children.
Bambi = Little child. Pet name.
Bamini = Shining. Beautiful. Radiant
Baptista = Baptized.
Barbara = Foreign. Foreign land. Strange.
Basanthi = The spring season.
Basaveshwari = Goddess Parvathi.

Basila = Feminine of Basil.
Batami = Daughter of my people.
Bat-Ami = Daughter of the oath.
Bathilda = Battle maid.
Bathsheba = Daughter of the oath.
Batya = Daughter of the God.
Beata = Happy. Blessed one.
Beatrice = She who brings joy.
Beatriz = Brings joy.
Becky = Short form of Rebecca.
Beena = Incidence.
Bela = White fragrant flower.
Belen = Bethlehem.
Belicia = Dedicated to God.
Belinda = Beautiful and Pretty. Beautiful girl.
Bella = Beautiful. Pledged to god. Lovely one. Fair.
Belenen = Star of waters.
Belle = Beautiful.
Benecia = Blessed one.
Benedicta = Femenine of Benedict.
Benigna = Kind.
Benita = Blessed.
Berdina = Glorious.
Berenice = One who brings victory.
Berkeley = The birch tree meadow. Where birches grow.
Bernadette = Feminine of Bernard. Little strong bear.
Bernadine = Feminine form of Bernard.
Berne = Bold as bear.
Bernice = One who brings victory.
Bertha = Bright. Shining one.

Bertina = Bright.
Beryl = A Gem stone. From the gem Beryl.
Bessy = Consecrated to God. Elizabeth.
Beth = A form of Elizabeth.Consecrated to God. Bethany = Biblical place name. Name of a village near Jerusalem where Jesus visited Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Home of Lazarus. House of dates. House of figs. House of poverty.

Bethea = Name of maid servant of Jehovah.
Bethel = House of God.
Bethesda = House of mercy.
Betsy = Consecrated to God. Elizabeth.
Betty = A form of Elizabeth. Consecrated to God. Beulah = Claimed as a wife. A name symbolic of the heavenly Zion. She who will marry.
Beverly = Name of a place. Beaver stream. Meadow dweller.
Bevis = Name of a place.
Bhaanvee = The sun.
Bhadrawathi = Wife of King Pareekshit. Bhageerathi = River Ganga.
Bhagya Lakshmi = Goddess of Wealth.
Bhairavi = Parvathi. One of the melodies in Classical music.
Bhamini(Bhaamini) = A lady. A Ghandarva maiden.
Bhanumathi = Wife of Duryodhana.
Bharani = Name of a Star Bharathi = Saraswathi.Mother of India.
Bhargavi(Bhaargavi) = Lakshmi,Parvathi.
Bhavana = Feeling. Idea.
Bhavani,Bhavanthi = Parvathi.
Bhoodevi = Mother earth. Vishnu's consort.
Bhramaramba = Parvathi.
Bhumica = Character. Role. Introduction.
Bhuvana = The Earth
Bhuvaneshwari = The Earth
Bianca = Fair. White. Shining.
Bibi = Lady. Wife.
Bijali = Lightening.Active.Electricity. Billie = Determination. Strength.
Bimla = Vimala. Pure.
Bina = Understanding Bindhiya = Dew drop,Point.
Bindhiya = Dew drop,Point.
Bindu = Dew drop,Point.
Bindusree = Dew drop,Point.
Binti = Daughter.
Binjal = Goddess.
Binty = Daughter.
Birdena = Little bird.
Birdie = Bird.
Birgitta = Strong.
Bithika = Path between trees.
Blaine = Surname.
Blair = Field of battle.
Blake = Black.
Blanche = Fair. White.
Bliss = Joy. Cheer. Gladness.
Blondell = Fair-haired blonde.
Blossom = Flower.
Bluebell = Flower name.
Bluma = Flower like.
Blythe = Light hearted. Joyful one
Bo = Precious. A nickname.


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