Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with N - Baby Names with Meanings

Neville = New village.
Niall = Champion.
Níambh = Brightness. Radiance and light.
Nicol = Short form of Nicholas.
Nicholas, Nikolas, Nikolos = Victoriuos. Conquerer of the people. Name of one of the seven "qualified men" in the first century Christian congregation.
Nick = Short form of Nicholas.
Nigel = Niall. Champion.
Nikhil = Whole.Complete.All.
Nilesh = King of the Moon.
Ninad = Sound. Hum.
Nirakara = Figureless, Shapeless, God
Niranjan = Pure. God.
Nirmal = Pure.
Nirnay = Decision.
Nishant = Dawn. Peaceful.
Nishit = Sharp.
Nitesh = Lord of the Law.
Nitin = Ethical. Having knowledge of law. Moralist.Policy maker.
Nityanand = Always happy
Nizar = Slender. Lean. Subtle.
Nkosi = King.
Noam = Lightning Fired.
Noah = Rest.Consolation.The patriarch survivor of the Great Flood.According to the biblical account,all the world's nations are descended
from Noah's three sons.
Noel = First Born.
Nolan = Noble. Renowned.
Noopur = Ghungroo (the cluster of bells made by Indian classical dancers especially Bharatnatyam dancers).The anklet.

Norbert = Shining from the North.
Norman = Man from the North.
Norris = From the North.
Nrupal = King.
Nuri = My fire.

Nuru = Born at night.
Nutan = New. Novel. Modern. Latest.
Nyles = Ni


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