Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with N - Baby Names with Meanings

Nabarun = Sun. The God of sky.
Nada = The morning dew.
Nadav = Generous.
Nafi = One who brings profit. Profitable. Salutory. Advantageous. Useful. Good. Wholesome. One of the 7 celebrated readers of Quran. One of the 99 excellent names of god.
Nafiz = Penetrating. Effective.
Nagaraj = King of serpents.
Nagabhushan = One who wears Snakes as ornaments. Shiva.
Nagendra = King of snakes.
Nagesh = King of snakes.
Naidu = Surname.
Nainesh = Lord Siva / Easwar with eyes in Forhead.
Nakul = Fourth of the Pandava brothers. (Dharmaraj, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul & Sahadev). Son of Madri.
Nala = Name of an ancient king . An excellent cook. Damayanti's husband. Good cooks are often compared with Nala and Bheema.
Namadev = Name of a saint.
Naman = Salutations
Namik = Writer. Author.
Namir = Leopard.
Namya = Venerable.
Namiyah = You are a gift from god.
Nanda Kumar = Son of Nanda. Sri Krishna.
Nanda Kishore = Son of Nanda. Sri Krishna.
Nandan = Son.
Nanga Gopal = Sri Krishna.
Nanjundewsar = Lord Shiv who swallowed poison to save the world.
Napolean = Man from Naples.
Narayan = Vishnu.
Nardo = Strong.
Narendra = King. Vishnu.
Narada = Name of a sage who carries news from one place to another. Devotee of Vishnu.
Narasimha = An incarnation of Vishnu with human body and lion head. Fourth Avatar of Dasavathars (1. Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3. Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5. Vamana, 6. Parasurama, 7. Rama, 8. Balarama, 9. Krishna & 10. Kalki). Narasimha kills Hiranyakashyap, father of Prahlad.
Naresh = King.
Nash = Adventure.
Nataraj = King of Dance. Shiv.
Natesh = Shiv.
Natha = Given.Husband.
Nathan = Gift from God.
Nathaniel = God has given.
Naval = New
Navarro = Plains.
Navdeep = New light.
Naveen = New. Modern. Latest.
Navneet = Soft. Gentle.
Nazneen = Beautiful. Glorious.

Neal = Neil.Champion.
Ned = Edwards nickname.
NeDiedra = Sorrowful wanderer.
Neeraj = Lotus. Born in water.
Nehemiah = Jah comforts.
Neil = Champion
Nelson = Son of Neil.
Neol = Birthday.Christmas.
Nestor = Remembers.
Netra = Eyes.
Nevada = Snow-clad.
Nevan = Little saint.


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