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Aryama = Sun.
Aryaman = The Sun.
Aryamitra = A friend of good people.
Asa = Healer. Physician. Name of the 3rd king of Judah.
Asadharan = Uncommon.Special.Rare.
Asao = Essence.
Asav = Essence.
Aseem = Limitless.
Aseem Kumar = Handful of water.
Asees = Blessings.
Asgar = Devotee.
Ashamber = The Sky.The Universe.Shiva.Vishnu.Jina.
Ashankith = Symbol of Hope.Full of hope.Without doubt fear,hesitation. Ashay = Desire.Hope.Wish.
Ashby = Of the ash tree farm.
Asher = Fortunate. Happy. Happiness. 8th son of Jacob.
Ashesh = Entire.
Ashford = Of the ash tree ford.
Ashim = Limitless.
Ashik = Lover.
Ashirvad = Blessings.Grace.
Ashis = Benediction.
Ashish = Benediction.
Ashit = Dark.
Ashla = Meadow of ash trees.
Ashley = Hope and Helpful. From the ash tree meadow.
Ashlynn = Meadow of ash trees.
Ashmit = Strong. Tough.
Ashok = Cheerful. Name of an ancient famous king. Name of a tree. Without sorrow.
Ashraf = Without grief.
Ashray = Shelter.Protection.
Ashraydat = One who gives shelter and protection.
Ashroff = Without grief.

Ashton = Ash tree town.
Ashtaavakra = Eight bends. Ashta means eight. Vakra means bend or deformity.
Ashu = Quick.
Ashur = God of military prowess and empire. Chief God of the Assyrians.
Ashutosh = Lord Shiva. One who is easily pleased.
Ashwabh = Lightening.

Ashwaghosha = A Sanskrit author and poet.
Ashwalayan = Son of Vishwamitra.
Ashwapathi = A king of Madra Kingdom.
Savitri's father.
Ashwas = Assurance.Consolation.
Ashwasan = Assurance.Consolation.
Ashwasena = Son of Takshak,A Naga son of Sri Krishna and Neela.
Ashwashivas = Son of sage Athervangiras of Badarikashram.
Ashwat = Holy peepal tree.
Ashwatanarayan = Lord Vishnu.
Ashwin = A calendar month of Hindus.
A Hindu month.
Ashwini kumar = Healer of angels(Devas).

Asim = Limitless.
Asit = Not white.
Asitabharan = Dark complexioned

Asitvaran = Dark complexioned.
Aslam = Greeting.
Aslesh = Embrance.
Asman = The Sky.
Asthamurthi = Shiva.
Asthik = One who believes in God.Son of Jarathkaru and Manasa Devi.
Asurari = Enemy of demons.Krishna.
Astoiven = Keeper of the Cats.
Aswaghosh = Name of an ancient Buddisht Philosopher.
Aswattama = Drona's son.
Aswin = A Cavalier. Name of a star.
Ayron = Exalted on high. Aaron was the brother of Moses.


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