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Apar = Limitless.Great.God.
Aparajit = Who cannot be conquered.Vishnu.Shiva.Jina,
A son of Sri Krishna and Laksmi.
Aparajito = Undefeated.
Aparamit = Limitless.
Aparampar = Limitless.
Aparoop = Uncommon.Rare.
Apekshit = Desired.
Apod = Another name of sage Doumya.
Apollo = Destroyer.The Greek and Roman God of light music and poetry. The God of light,healing, the arts, prophecy, and manly beauty.
Apoorv = Quite new.
Apoorva = Unique.
Apoorva prakash = Matchless glow. Aprameya =Beyond comprehensionGod.
Apratihat = Without a match.
Apratim = Incomparable.Supreme. Apurva = Unique.
Aquib =Follower.Behind.After. Successor.Last comer.Another name for Prophet Muhammed being the last of the Prophets.
Arabinda = Lotus.
Aradhak = Worshipper.
Aram = High. Exalter.The Hebrew name of ancient Syria.
Aramethius = Destined to know.
Aramina = It follows her.
Aramis = The famous swordsman from Alexander Duma's "The Three Musketeers".
Aranyak = Name of a King.
Arav = Peaceful.
Aravind = Blue Lotus
Aravindaksha = Lotus eyed.Vishnu.
Archak = Worshipper.
Archan = Woship. Homage.
Archangelo = Principal angel.
Archer = A bowman.
Archi = A ray of Light.
Archibald = Truly bold.
Archie = Valuable. Bold.
Archit = Worshipped.
Ardell = Eager.Industrious.
Arden = Fervent.
Ardhendu = Half moon
Ardon = Bronze. Lofty. Eager.
Arghya = Offering to the lord.
Arhant = Theerthankar.Buddha.
Arhat = Respectable.
Ari = Lion. Eagle. The best.
Aric = Rule with mercy.

Aridam = Destroyer of foes.
Arin = Without enemies.
Arindam = Destroyer of enemies.
Ariel = Lion of God. A name for Jerusalem.
Arihant = Destroyer of enemies.
Enemy killer.
Arijit = Conqueror of enemies.Son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Arindam = One who defeats his enemies.
Arinjay = Conqueror of enemies.Son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Arisia = Silent Vigil
  Arisudan = Enemy killer.
Arjit = Earn
Arjun = Fair complexioned person. 3rd of five Pandavas (Dharmaraj, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul & Sahadev). Famous Archer. The third of the Pandava's prince.
Arjuna = The conqueror of sleep.
Arka = The Sun.
Arkesh = The Sun.
Arkeshwar = The Sun.
Arlen = Pledge.
Arlo = Strong. Manly.
Arman = Army man.
Armaan = Hope. Desire.
Armand = Warrior.
Armando = Army man.
Armesh = Lord of the Sea.
Armon = High place.

Armstrong = Strong of arm.
Arnan = Quick. Joyful. Torrent valley. Arnav = Sea. Ocean.
Arne = Eagle.
Arnesh = Lord of the sea. The Sea.
Arni = High. An ancestor of Jesus.
Arnie = Eagle.
Arnold = Eagle power. Strong. The eagle rules. Mighty as an eagle.
Arnon = Rushing stream
Aron = Form of Aaron.
Aroon = Dawn.
Aroop = Shapeless. God.
Arpan = Sacrifice. Give away.
Arpit = Dedicated.
Arsenio = Virile. Masculine.
Arshad = Pious.
Arshat = Jain.Ancient.
Arshia = Heavenly.
Arte = Noble.Bear man.
Artemas = Gift of the Goddess Artemis.
Arth = Meaning. Wealth. Half.

Arthur = Noble.Principled.Bear.
Artur = Noble.Principled.Bear.
Arun = Sun. Red colour. The dawn.
Arunabh = Glow of Sun.Red radiance.
Arunakant = Person shining like morning sun.
Arunakanth = Person shining like morning sun.
Arunakiran = Person shining like sun rays.
Arunamshu = Reddish rays.
Arunank = Sun.
Arunapallav = Rising Sun.
Arundel = Of the eagle dell.
Aruni = Bramha's son. Name of a devoted pupil. Arunodaya = The early dawn.
Arvad = Wanderer
Arvin = Friend of the people. The peoples friend. Arvind = Lotus.
Arvinda = Lotus.
Arya = Gentleman. Elderly person. King. Best. Aryabhatta = Name of a famous mathematician in ancient India.
Aryadev = Name of a Buddisht philosopher.
Aryak = A serpent king.Sri Krishna maternal grandfather.


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