Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with D - Baby Names with Meanings

Dacia = From the Roman
province of Dacia.
Daeya = Fae Magic
Daffodil = From the flower daffodil. Name of a flower.
Dafna = Laurel.
Dagmar = Joy of the Danes.
Dahlia = From the flower dahlia. Name of a flower.
Dahoma = From the Afrincan republic of Dahomey.
Daisy = Eye of the day.
Daksahyani = Parvati. Daughter of Daksha.
Dakshahyani = Parvati.Daughter of Daksha.
Dakshata = Skill.
Dakshinya = Modesty.
Dale = Valley dweller.
Dalia = Branch.
Dalila = Gentle.
Dallas = For the city in Texas.
Damalis = Conqueror.
Damara = Gentle.
Damati = Conquering.
Damayanthi = Queen of Nala.
Damini = Lightning.
Damita = Young lady.
Dana = Feminine of Daniel. Mother of Gods in myths. From Denmark.

Danah = Cheerfulness. Pearl. Shouts of joy. Song. Pride. Presumption.
Danda = Combination of Danny+Linda.
Danea,Denae,Denay = Name of the Mother of Perseus by Zeus.
Danette = Feminine form of Daniel.
Danica = Morning star
Daniela = Feminine of Daniel.
Danielle = Harmony.Love.Feminine form of Daniel. God is my judge.
Danika = Morning Star.
Danita = God is my judge.
Danna = Feminine form of Daniel.
Daphine = Laurel tree.

Daphne = The Laurel tree. Virtuous Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo.
Dara = House of wisdom.
Darcie = From the fortress.
Darda = Pearl of Wisdom.
Dardanella = From the Dardanelles, the straits seperating Europe and Asia.
Darice = Feminine of Darius.

Darie = Of unique origin. Originality.
Darika = Maiden.
Darlene = Dear one.Little Darling.
Darpana = Mirror.Looking glass.
Darshana = Religious text. Vision.
Darshani = One who is worth looking at. Another name of Durga.
Darshita = Good Morning.
Dashahara = River Ganga.
Dashami = 10th day of paksha in Hindu Calendar.
Davana = A fragnant herb,used to worship.
Davida = Feminine of David.
Davina = Beloved. Feminine form of David.
Dawn = Break of Day.
Daya = Kindness.Mercy. Pity.Compassion.
Dayamayi = Kind hearted.Compassionate person. Dayitha = Beloved.
Deana = Feminine of Dean.
Deanara = Goddess of beauty.
Deanna = Divine. Sunshine.
Deborah = Queen bee.
Decembra = From the month december.
Decima = The tenth(child).
Deeksha = A pledge.Dedication.Religious initiation.
Demi = Half.
Deepa = Lamp.
Deepadhari = River Ganga.An angel.
Deepali = Collection of lamps.
Deepamale = River Ganga.An angel.
Deepanjali = Express dedication by lamps.
Deeparathi = A ritual done with lamps on
auspicious ocassion.
Deepika = Small Lamp.
Deepthi = Glow.Shine.
Deepti = Glow. Shine.
Deirbre = One who rages. Sorrow.
Delanah = Noble Protector.
Delaney = Dark Challenger.
Delia = A title for Artemis, the moon Goddess, supposedly born on the
island of Delos.
Delicia = Delightful.
Delilah = Brooding.
Delmara = From the sea.
Delphine = From the flower delphinium.
Demetria = From Demeter, Goddess
of fertility.
Dena = Vindicated.
Denise = Follower of Dionysus, the god of wine. Feminine of Dennis. Greek God.


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