Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with D - Baby Names with Meanings

Denye = Follower of Dionysus, the god of wine. Feminine of Dennis.
Deonna = Variant of Diana. Divine.
Derora = Freedom.
Desiree = Desired. Longed for.
Desma = Vow. Pledge.
Destiny = Fate.
Devaki = Krishna's mother.
Devala = A goddess.
Devamani = Kousthub the gem worn by Vishnu.
Devangana = River Ganga.An angel. Devasena = A daughter of Daksha.
Devatha = Goddess.
Devavarnini = Daughter of Bharadwaj. Devavathi = A Gandharva's daughter. Devayani = Name of Yayati's wife.
Devi = Goddess. Wife. One of the names of the Hindu Goddess sakthi. Divine. Hindu God Shiva's wife.
Devika = A river of Himalayan Region. Small goddess.
Devona = From Devon.
Deya = In the shadow she moves
Dhairya = Patient and calm.
Dhanya = Dhruva's third wife.
Dhanyatha = Success.Fulfillment. Dhara(Dhaara) = Earth.Constant flow. Dharathi = Earth.
Dharini = Earth. A star.The globe. Dharithri = Earth.
Dhathri = Earth.
Dhaula = White.
Dhavala = Immaculate.White.
Dheeptha = Lakshmi.
Dheerata = Courage.Heroism.
Dhenu = Cow.
Dhenumathi = Another name of river Gomathi.
Dhoolika = Dew drop.
Dhoothapapa = A River.
Dhriti = Endurance.Courage.Morale. Dhruti = Earth
Dhruvatara = Pole Star. Star with everlasting radiance
Dhyana = Contemplation.Meditation. Dhyeya =Ideal.Aim. Purpose. Intention.
Diamanta = Like a diamond.
Diana = Divine. The Goddess of the hunting and the nature.
Diane = The Roman Goddess of the moon and the hunt.
Diantha = From the flower dianthus.
Dido = The legendary queen of Carthage

Digdevatha = Diety presiding over the night.
Dilan = Love.
Diljot = Light of the heart.
Dilys = Feminine of Dylan.
Dinah = The judged.
Dipali = A row of lights.
Dipti = Lightning.
Dione = The mother of Aphrodite.
Divya = Heavenly. Finest. Superb. Wonderful. Divyamabari = Sky.One without finest clothes. Divyangani = An angel.Celestical being. Divyasaritha = River Ganga.
Dixie = Girl of the south.
Diya = Deepa.Lamp.
Diza = Joy.
Dochilla = Gentle. Teachable.
Dodi = Beloved. Beloved friend.
dodie = Beloved. Beloved friend.
doddie = Beloved. Beloved friend.
Doe = Deer.
Dolly = Gift of God.
Dolores = From Virgin Mary. Sorrows.
Doloris = Sorrowful. A name for the virgin Mary.
Dominica = The lord's.
Donalda = Feminine of Donald.
Donata = Gift.
Donna = Lady. Mistress of the house, housewife.
Donella = Lady.
Dora = Gift.
Dorcas = Golden.
Dorinda = Beautiful gift.
Doris = Name of a place. Of the sea.
Dorothy = Gift of God.
Dory = Golden-haired.
Dorya = God's generation.
Dova = Feminine of Dov.
Dove = Dove.
Draupadi = Daughter of Drupada. Pandava's wife.
Drupanandini = Draupadi.
Drusilla = Soft-eyed.
Duana = Little dark girl.
Dulari = A Daughter.
Dulcie = Sweet.
Durga = Godess riding a tiger.
Dwan = Richly Dark.
Dyumani = Shining gem.The Sun.
Dyuthi = Glow.Shine.
Dzifa = My heart is at peace. Peaceful heart


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