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Arnolda = Feminine of Arnold.
Arpita = Dedicated.
Arpitaa = Which is offered.
Artemis = Goddess of the hunt and the moon.
Arthada = Lakshmi.
Arti(Aarti)(Arati)(Aarati) = A ritual done on auspicious occasions.
Aruna = Dawn.
Arundati = Wife of sage Vasistha.A morning star Rudrakshi garland.
Arunika = Tawny Red.
Arunima = Reddishness.Glow of dawn.
Arushi = First ray of the sun.
Arva = fertile.
Arwa = Wonderful. Magnificent. Marvellous.
Arya = Respected lady. Baby Durga.
Aryama = Respected lady.
Aryamba = Mother of Sri Sankaracharya.
Asha = Hope.Desair. Life.
Ashadeep = Light of hope.
Ashajyothi = Light of hope.
Ashakiran = Ray of hope.

Ashalatha = Creeper of hope
Ashani = Thunderbolt .Lighting. Supreme Goddess.
Ashankitha = Without fear or doubt. Ashapoornadevi = Who has fulfilled the desire.
Full of hope.
Ashavari = Name of a raga. Ashcharya(Aashcharya) = Wonder. Ashika(Aashika) = Beloved.Desired. Hope.
Ashima = Endless. Limitless. Without boundaries.
Ashira = wealthy.
Ashlesha = Name of a star
Ashlee = Ashtree meadow.
Ashley = Hope and helpful. Ash wood. From the ash-tree farm. Meadow of ash trees.
Ashna = Daughter of Bali.
Ashwabha = Lightening.
Asia = For the continent Asia.
Asima = Endless. Limitless. Without boundaries.
Aslin = Dream.
Asita = River.
Asmita = One with ego.
Aspasia = welcome.
Astra = star
Astrid = Divine strength. Divinepower.
Aswini = Name of a star Female horse.


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