Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Atal = Immoveable.
Atamaj = Son.
Atanu = The Cupid.
Ateendra = Super sensory. God. Beyond the cognisance of 5 senses.
Ateeth = Inconceiveable to sense organs.God.
Atharva = Another name of God Ganesh. One of the Vedas.
Atharvana = An Atter. Place where oblations are made, worshipped by the priest. The 3rd veda. Another name for Siva.
Atherton = From the spring-farm.
Atherva = Sage. Son of Angiras.
Athervan = One of the four Vedas.
Athindr = King of Supremacy.
Athithi = Rama's grandson.Guest.
Athreya = Descendant of Athri. A disciple of sage Vamadeva.
Atif = Compassionate. Kind.
Atindra = Super sensory. God. Beyond the cognisance of 5 senses.
Atisay = Superiority. Excellence. Miracle
Atishay = Superiority. Excellence. Miracle
Atithi = Guest.
Atlas = Greek mythological figure, titan who challenged the gods and was punished by being made to hold the sky on his shoulders for eternity.
Atley = Dweller in the meadow.
Atma = Soul.
Atmalingam = Shivalingam.
Atmanand = Supreme Bliss.
Atmananda = Bliss of soul.
Atmaram = God within oneself.
Atmavan = Vishnu.
Atri = Sage. Father of Dattatreya and Doorvasa.
Atticus = From Athens. An Armenian saints name.
Atul = One who cannot be weighed.God.Matchless.
Atulya = Matchless. Who cannot be weighed.
The God.
Atwater = From the water's edge.
Atwell = Dweller at the spring.
Atwood = Forest dweller.
Aubrey = Noble. Elf-king. Rules with elf wisdom.
Auden = Old friend.
Audric = Old or wise ruler.
Audrey = Noble truth.
Audwin = Prosperous friend.
August = A calendar month. Dignity. Majestic. Grandeur.
Augustine = Majestic.
Augustus = Exalted.
Aum = Good.
Aurilio = Golden. One of the great emperors.
Austen = Exalted.
Austen = Exalted.
Austin = Exalted. Variant of August. Majestic.
Avadesh = Invulnerable king. King Dasaratha father of Lord Ram.
Avalok = Who beholds.
Avalokiteshar = Buddha.
Avaneendra = King of the earth.
Avaneesh = Master of the earth. King of the earth.
Avanendra = Lord of the earth.
Avani = Earth
Avanimohan = Sri Krishna.
Avanindra = King of the earth.
Avanish = Lord Vishnu. Lord of the earth.
Avatar = Incarnation of God in human form. ( Dasaavataras : 1.Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3.Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5.Vamana,
6.Parasurama, 7.Rama, 8.Balarama, 9.Krishna & 10.Kalki).
Averell = Born in April.
Avery = Rules with elf wisdom. A form of Aubrey.
Avichai = My father lives.
Avidan = Father of justice.
Aviel = God is my father.
Avik = Strength of a diamond.
Avinash = Eternal. No death. Indestructable.
Avishalom = Father of peace.
Avishkar = Invention.
Avkash = Leisure. Limitless. Chance. Oppurtunity.
Avlokiteshwara = A Bodhisattva ranked as high as god.
Avnish = Lord of earth.
Avrodhan = One who observes restraint. Avtar = Incarnation.
Ayyappan = Name of a Hindu God. One who clears doubts.

Axel = Father of peace. Variant of Absalom.
Aayakumar = Son of Urvashi an Puroonava son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Ayan = Motion.
Ayanda = Many.
Ayers = Heir to a fortune.

Aylsworth = Of great worth.
Aylward = Noble guardian.
Ayo = Ray of light.
Ayodhyanath = Sri Rama.
Ayodhyaram = Sri Rama.
Ayukumar = Son of Urvashi an Puroonava son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Ayush = Life.

Ayushmaan = Long-lived.
Azar = Ageless. God.
Azeez = Friend.
Azhar = Ageless. God. Famous.
Aziz = Famous.
Azizi = My Darling.
Azman = Times. Season.
Azzam = Almighty. Lord.


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