Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with H - Baby Names with Meanings

Habibah = Beloved.
Hadara = Splendid.
Hadassah = Myrtle tree.
Hagar = One who flees.
Haifa = From the city in Israel.
Hailie = Gorgeous. Funny.
Halcyone = Kingfisher bird.
Haldis = Purposeful.
Haleh = Eclipse
Haley = Ingenious. Scientific. Ingenious.
Halima = Gentle.
Hallie = Feminine of Harold.
Halona = Happy fortune.
Hamna = Warm hearted.
Hamsa = Swan.Soul.Goose.Gander.
Hamsika = Goddess Saraswathi.
Hamuda = Desirable.
Hanifa = True.
Hannah = Grace. God has favoured me. Favouring. Mercy. Mother of Samuel
Haralda = Feminine of Harold.
Harika = Another name for Goddess Lakshmi. Dear to Lord Vishnu.
Harini = Female Deer. One who captures.
Harmony = Concord.
Harshala = Happiness.
Harshini = Happy. Joy. Delight.
Harshna = Happiness.
Harshita = Joyfull. Full of joy.
Harper = Harp player. One who plays harp.
Harriet = Mistress of the home.
Harsh Prada = One who gives joy.
Hasia = Protected by god.
Hasida = Pious.
Hasina = Good.
Hasini = Laughter, Joy.
Hattie = Mistress of the home.
Hawthorn = From the hawthorn tree.
Hazel = From the hazel tree.
Heather = Flower, Flowering health.
Hedy = Pleasant, Sweet.
Helen = The bright one. Light
Helene = Light.
Hedda = Refuge in battle.
Hedwig = Refuge in battle.
Hedy = Refuge in battle.
Hedya = Voice of the lord.
Heidi = Light. Dim. Noble. Nobility.Battle maid.
Helga = Holy.

Helli = Light.
Helsa = Consecrated to God.
Hema = Gold.
Hema Latha = Golden creeper.
Hemamalini = Golden creeper.
Hemapriya = Lover of Gold.
Hemshikha = Peak of Gold.
Hemavathi = Name of a river.
Henriett = Home ruler.
Henrietta = Ruler of home. Feminine of Henry.
Hephzibah = My joy is in her.
Hera = The queen of the gods. Hermione = Strong.
Hesper = Evening star
Hester = Star
Hetal = Affectionate. Happy.
Hiba = Gift from God.
Hibernia = The old latin name for Ireland.
Hibiscus = From the flower hibiscus.


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