Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with H - Baby Names with Meanings

Hiral = Smooth like a thread of silk.
Hiram = Most noble.
Hiranyadhanu = Father of Ekalavya. Hiroshi = Generous.
Hitakar = Person doing good.Well wisher.
Hitakarin = Person doing good.Well wisher.
Hitakrit = Person doing good.
Well wisher.
Hitesh = Good person.
Hityashan = Person doing good.Well wisher.
Hobart = Bright-minded.
Hod = Vigor.
Hogan = Youth.
Holbrook = From the brook in the hollow.
Holcomb = From the deep valley. Holden = Kindly.
Hollis = From the holly grove.
Holmes = From the river islands.
Holt = Of the forest.
Homer = Pledge.
Honnesh = Rich person.
Howard = Guardian of the home. Noble watchman.
Hriday = Heart.Mind.
Hridayavanth = Understanding person.
Hrishikesha = The Lord of the senses.
Horace = Keeper of the hours.
Horatio = Keeper of the hours.
Horton = From the gray estate.
Hosea = Salvation.
Houghton = From the cliff estate.
Houston = From the hill town.

Howard = Guardian.
Howell = Alert.
Howland = From the highlands.
Hridayesh = Lord of heart and mind.
Hridayvihari = Who lives in the heart.
Hrishikesh = Beyond the reach of five senses.Vishnu controller of senses.
Hubert = Bright-minded.
Hudson = For the Hudson River.
Hugh = Heart, Mind.
Hugo = Spirit, Intelligence,Related to Heart/Mind.
Hurley = Child of the seas and tides.
Hugh = Intelligent.
Hulbert = Grace and brilliance.
Humbert = Brilliant strength. Bright home.
Humberto = A form of Humbert.
Hume = Home.
Humphery = Man of peace.
Huner = Hunter.
Hunter = He who hunts.
Huntington = Hunting estate.
Huntley = From the hunter's meadow.
Hurd = Hard.
Hurley = Sea-tide.
Hussein = Small and handsome.
Hutton = From the house on the ridge. Huxley = From Hugh's meadow
Hyatt = From the high gate.
Hyman = Life.
Hymavath = Full of snow.
Iaichik = Selected.


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