Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with L - Baby Names with Meanings

Lambadi = Name of a tribe.
Lamita = Beautiful. Charming eyes.
Lana = Bouyant, Float, to bring. Light &
buoyant.An offering.Dear child
Lani = Heavenly.
Lara = Renowned.Protection.
Laramie = Tears of love.
Larina = Seagull.
Larissa = Cheerful. Larrna = Joy.
Larretta = Diminuitive/alternate form of Laura Lasa Priya = Lakshmi.
Latika = The vermillion dot on the forehead. A string of pearls. A small creeper. Ornament of the forehead.
Latha = Creeper plant.
Lathangi = Girl with creeper like slim body.
Latona = Roman name for the Greek Goddess Leto, mother of Apollo and Diana.
Laura = Victoriously crowned with laurels. Feminine of Lawrenece.
Laurel = Feminine of Lawrenece. The laurel tree. Sweet bay tree. Symbolic of honour and victory. Crown of laurel leaves. Victorious.
Lauren = Feminine of Lawrenece.
Lauretta = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura Lauretta = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lavanya = Grace. Beauty. Beautiful Lady.
Lavender = Precious Site.
Lavenia = Purified; Woman of Rome.
Laverne = Springlike.
Lavinia = Woman of Rome.
Layla = Born at night.
Layne = Little one from the lane.
Laynee = God's blessings poured out.
Lea = The goddess of canoe makers. Fatigued beauty.
Leah = The weary one. The weak-sighted one. Wild cow. Gazelle.
Leahcar = Goddess of party.
Leandra = Feminine of Leander. Leanne = Combination of Lee and Anne.
Leatrice = Combination of Lee and Beatrice.
Leda = Mythological wife of Zeus, and mother of Helen and of Castor and Pollux.
Lee = Plum.Poetic. Of the meadow.
Leela = Amuse. Play.Light, Torch, Creation.
Leelavathi = Playful.
Leigh = Of the meadow.
Leila = Dark at night.
Leilani = Heavenly Flower. Heavenly child.
Leisje = Consecrated to God.
Lekisha = Life. A combination of prefix LA + Keisha.
Lemuela = Feminine of Lemuel.
Lena = Pledge. Wet Meadow.
Leena = A short form of Helen.
Lenore = Pledge.
Leona = Feminine of Leo.
Leonarda = Feminine of Leonard. Leonora = Light.
Leontine = Feminine of Leo.
Leopolda = Feminine of Leopold. Leora = My light.


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