Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with L - Baby Names with Meanings

Lennox = Scottish place name.
Leo = Lion.
Leon = Lion
Leonard = Bold as a lion.
Leopold = Defender of the people.
Leroy = The king.
Leslie = From the gray fortress. The name of a prominent Scottish clan. Lester = From the camp or legion.
Lev = Lion.
Levi = Joined in devotion.
Levent = Joined in harmony. Son of Jacob.
Lewin = Beloved friend.
Lewis = Beloved friend
Liam = Gaelic form of William.
Likhit = Brother of sage Shanka. Lincoln = From the settlement by the pool.
Lindberg = From the linden tree hill. Lindley = Of the linden tree meadow. Lindsay = From the linden tree island. Linus = Flaxen-haired.
Lionel = Lion.
Liron = The song is mine.
Llewellyn = Lionlike.
Lloyd = Sacred. Gray-haired.
Lochan = Eye.
Lochlainn = From the land of vikings.
Lohit = Red colour.
Lohitashwa = Who has a red horse.
Harischandra's son.
Logan = Meadow. From the hollow.
Lois = Short for Louisa.Pleasing.
Lokamithra = Friend of the whole world.
Lokanath = Savior of the world. Shiva.
Lokasundar = Very handsome.
Lokendra = Shiva.
Lokesh = Shiva.
Lokeshwar = Shiva.
Lokotthar = Supernatural divine.
Lombard = Lond-beard.
Lon = Crowned with laurel.
Loren = Crowned with laurel.
Lorenzo = Crowned with laurel.
Lorimer = Harness-maker.
Loring = Famous in war.
Lotan = To protect.
Loughlan = Lake of the land.
Louis = Renowned warrior.
Louise = Feminine for Louis. Renowned fighter
Lousia = Feminine for Louis.Renowned fighter.
Lowell = Beloved.
Lucas = Light. Illumination. One who brings light.
Lucifer = Light Bearer.
Lucius = Bringer of light.
Ludwig = Renowned warrior.
Luis = Renowned warrior.
Luke = Renowned warrior.
Luna = Moon
Luther = Famous warrior.
Lydell = From the wide dell.
Lyman = Man of the meadows.
Lyndon = From the linden tree hill.
Lyndsay = Name of a place of linden trees.
Lyndsey = Name of a place of linden trees.
Lyndsy = Name of a place of linden trees.
Lynn = Waterfall.
Lynnard = A Lion's heart.
Lysander = Liberator.


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