Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with K - Baby Names with Meanings

Kay = Pure. Keeper of the keys. Kaycee = Alert. Vigorous
Kayeigh = A happy gathering.
Kayla = Keeper of the keys. Laurel. Crown. Pure. Slim & Fair.
Kaylah = Of God.
Kaylay = Variant of Kay (=Pure. Keeper of the keys)
Kaylee = Laurel. Crown.
Kayleigh = Variant of Kay (=Pure. Keeper of the keys)
Kylie = Feminine form of Kyle
Kedma = Towards the east.
Keely = Graceful.
Keelie = Variant of Kelly.
Keeley = Brave Warrior. Beautiful. Pretty.
Keerti = Fame.
Keerthi = Fame.
Keisha = Short form of Keneisha
Kellee = Lively. Aggressive.
Keiko = Beloved.
Kelda = A spring.
Kelila = Crown of laurel.
Kelli = Lively. Aggressive.
Kellie = Lively. Aggressive.
Kelly = Lively. Aggressive. Warrior. Brave.
Kelsey = The ships from the vikings. Dweller by the sea. Brave.
Kelsy = Fountain, Spring.
Kelsie = Ship Island. Seaport.
Ken = One's own kind.
Kendra = Knowing woman. Wisdom. Centre.
Keneisha = Ken + Aisha
Kenya = Animal Horn. A Country in Africa.
Keosha = Lovely. One that posses beauty.
Kerrie = Powerful Female Ruler. Great dark one.
Kerrilynn = Dusky. Dark. Dark one.
Kerrin = Animal's Horn.
Kerry = Dark one.
Kesley = Bitter. Graceful .
Keturah = Incense.
Ketzia = Fragrant.
Kezia = Variant of Kesia. Short form of Lakeisha. Favorite.
Khseeraja = Milk.
Khadijah = Premature Born.
Khushi = Happiness.
Kiara = To make a change.
Kiera = Beautiful little dark haired one.
Kierra = Beautiful.
Kim = From the meadow of the royal fortress.
Kimala = Butterfly.
Kimberly = Chief. Ruler.
Kinnari = A Lady who sings with beautiful voice.
Kinneret = Harp.
Kiran = Light. Ray.
Kiranmayi = One glowing with radiance. Bright girl. Intelligent girl.
Kirsten = The Anointed one. Feminine of christian.
Kirstin = Feminine of christian.
Kitiana = Clear eyes
Kohavah = Star
Kohinoor = Mountain of light.
Kokila = Name of a bird. Cuckoo. Nightingale. A bird which sings with sweet voice.
Komala = Delicate. Tender.
Korrin = Maiden.
Kousalya = Sri Rama's mother. King Dasarath's wife.
Kranti = Revolutionary.
Krishna Kumari = Daughter of Krishna.
Krishna Priya = Beloved of Lord Krishna.
Krishna Veni = One with dark hair.
Krissa = Variant form of Christine.
Krista = Follower of Christ.
Kristin = Christian.
Kristine = Christ bearer. Variant of Christine.
Kriti = Work of Art.
Krittika = Name of a star.
Krysia = Little Christine. Derived from Christine.
Kuvira = Warrior.
Kuri = Chestnut.
Kumbhika = Another name for Sita. A small pot or pitcher.
Kumud = Lotus.
Kuntal = Hair.
Kunti = Mother of Pandavas and Karna. Kunti Devi.
Kushbu = Fragrance.
Kusuma = Flower.
Kusuma Latha = Flowering creeper.
Kyla = Feminine of Kyle.
Kylara = Bay
Kylie = Boomerang.
Kylee = From the straight.
Lacey = Cheerful.
Lael = Devoted to the Lord.
Lahari = Tendency. Inclination. Wave.
Laila = Sweet heart.
Lajwanti = Modest girl.
Lakia = Found Treasure.
Lakshmi = Goddess of wealth. Consort of Vishnu.
Lala = Tulip.
Lalana = A girl.
Lalita = Straightforward.
Lalitha = Goddess Parvathi. Beauty.


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