Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with M - Baby Names with Meanings

Marvell = Wonderful. Extraordinary.
Marvella = Wonderful. Extraordinary.
Marvellyn = Wonderful. Extraordinary.
Mary = Bitter. Name of the virgin mother of Christ. Lady.
Marvette = Marvelous.
Maryam = An older version of the name Mary.
Maryn = Name of a saint.
Marz = Gifted Child.
Matangi, Matangini = Durga.
Mathanki = Goddess Saraswathi.
Matilda = Battle Maiden.
Maureen = Little Mary. Variant of Mary.
Maya = Goddess Durga. Illusion.
Mayavathi = Name of Pradyumna's wife. Magical woman.
Mbali = Rose. Beautiful flower. Lovable.
Mckenna = Happiness.
Meadow = Serene peaceful flower filled pasture.
Meena = Fish.
Meenakshi = Goddess Parvathi.
Meera = Name of a devotee of Krishna. Sea. Ocean. Light. Saintly woman.
Megan = A pearl.
Megha, Meghana = Cloud.
Mehnaaz = More beautiful than moon.
Mehek = Khushboo. Fragrance.
Mekhala = Waist band.
Melanie = Dark.
Melba = Soft, Slender.
Melbina = The sweetest.
Melia = Hard Working.
Melina = Honey. Yellow
Melinda = Love.
Melissa= Honey bee.
Melosa = Sweet, gentle.
Melodee = Song.
Menaka = An apsara. Shantukala's mother.
Mendara = Wise. Learned.
Meredith = Great one.
Merrimekko = Good Witch.
Mezza = Quarter Moon.
Mia = Mine.
Micaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Micah = Who is like the lord.
Micha = Female variant of Michael.
Michaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael
Michellea = Variant of Michelle.
Michelle = Feminine form of Michael.

Mieasha = Woman. One who is loved by many.
Mean. Afraid.
Mikaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mikayla = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mikella = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mikelle= Who is like God. Feminine of Michael
Milan = Meeting
Milly = Hardworking.
Milvia = Always Loved. Lovely.
Mimi = Unwavering Protector.
Mina = Loving Memory. Love. Harbour. Smooth. South.
Minerva = Name of the Roman goddess of wisdom.
Mira = Light. Saintly woman.
Miranda = Strange.Wonderful.Admirable.
Miriam = An older version of the name Mary.
Miryea = A form of Maria.
Misty = Misty. A name derived from nature.
Mita = One who has been measured and gauged. Tried and tested. A friend. Little. Short. Brief. Firm. Founded. Established.
Mohana = Attractive.
Mohini = Attractive.
Molly = From the Gaelic Maili, a pet form of Mary.
Mona = Just One.Noble.
Mona Lisa = Dedicated to God.
Monica = Saint.
Monika = Solitary. Advisor.

Monique = Advicer. Councelor. Saint. Happiness.
Monisha = Intelligent woman.
Montana = Mountain.
Morena = Little Mary.
Morgan = Bright Sea.
Moumita = Sweet Friend.
Mridula = Soft spoken. Tenderness.
Mrinalini = Tender. Lotus stem.
Mrunmaya = Carved from mud.
Muskan = Smile
Munira = Brilliant. Shinning.
Mychaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mylie = Rising of the sun.
Myna = A bird.
Myra = Wonderful. Beautiful.
Myrna = Beloved.
Myriam = An older version of the name Mary.
Mythili = Princess of Mithila. Sita.
Mythri = Friend. Friendship.


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