Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with J - Baby Names with Meanings

Jessica = Wealthy. Gods gift.Majesty. Virtue.
Jessie = Wealthy. Short form of Jessica.
Jewel = Playful. A precious gem.
Jill = Diminutive of Gillian. Youthful.
Joan = Feminine of John.
Joasia = Anothere form of Joanna.
Jocelyn = Just.
Jodie = Goddess.
Jody = Praised.
Joella = Lord is willing.
Joline = He will increase.
Jordan = To flow down. Descend. Down-flowing. Name of the major river in Palestine.
Joelle = Feminine of Joel.
Jolie = Pretty.
JonBenet = Little one from God.
Jonina = Dove.
Jordana = Feminine of Jordan.
Josephine = Feminine of Joseph.
Joshika = Young maiden.
Joshita = Delighted.
Josie = Dimnutive form of Josephine.
Jovanny = Father of the land.
Joy = Joy.Delight. Happiness

Joyce = Youthful.
Juanita = Feminine of John.
Juanita = God is gracious.
Juhi = A flower.
Julianna = Youthful.
Julie = Feminine form of Julian. Young. Youthful one.
Judith = Praised.
Judy = Praised.
Julaine = Form of Julie.
Julia = Youthful.
Julie = Youthful. Feminine form of Julie.
Julius = Soft haired. Youthful.
June = Young.
Juno = Roman goddess, the wife of Jupiter.
Justine = Feminine of Justin.
Juventina = Young Christian.
Jwala = Flame. Fire.
Jyothi = Lamp. Light.
Jyothirmayi = Bright Girl.
Jyothsna = Moon Light.
Jyothsana = Morning sunlight.
Jyoti = Lamp. Light.
Jyotika = A small lamp.


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