Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with J - Baby Names with Meanings

Jacinta = Beautiful.
Jacoba = Feminine of Jacob.
Jacqueline = Feminine of Jacques.
Jada = Wise.
Jade = Stone.
Jagadamba = Mother of Universe. Goddess Parvathi. Jagadeeswari = Godess Lalithamba.
Jaganmohini = Most attractive in the world. Miss Universe.
Jael = She-goat.
Jafit = Beautiful.
Jahnavi = Riven Ganga.
Jaidyn = God has heard.
Jalaja = One living in water. Lotus.
Jamarica = Americas heart.
Jameela = Beautiful.

Jalpa = Talk. Discussion. Discourse.
Jamila = Beautiful.
Jamuna = River Yamuna.
Jaanya = Life.
Jan = Feminine of John.
Janaka Kumari = King Janak's daughter. Sita.
Janaki = Sita. King Janak's daughter.
Janani = Mother.
Janay = A form of Jane
Janaylin = God has answered with waterfalls.
Jane = Daughter of God who is perfect. The Lord is Gracious. Feminine of John.
Janelle = A form of Jane.
Janessa = A form of Jane.
Janet = Feminine of John.
Janice = Feminine of John.
Janie = God is Gracious.
Janiece = One who walks with the god.
Janine = Gift from God. Variant of John.
Janita = A form of juanita.
Janna = God's gracious gift. Swedish feminine form of John.
Jannah = Heaven. Paradise. Garden.
Jareliese = Polymath; Asian Goddess.
Jarita = A bird in Hindu legend who, through her devotion to her offspring, became human.
Jari = Earthen Water Jug.
Jasmine = Strong in the heart. Beautiful flower.Sweet and amiable one.
Jasna = Clear. Bright.
Jaya = Victorious.
Jaya Lakshmi = Goddess Lakshmi representing success/victory.
Jaya Lalitha = Vicotorious Parvati.
Jayanthi = Name of Indra's daughter.
Jayaprada = One who gives victory.
Jayasri, Jayasree = Goddess representing success/victory.
Jayde = Derivative of Jade. A flirtatious girl, as well as a semi-precious green stone.
Jaye = Jaybird.
Jayla = A form of Jaye.
Jazmyne = Tranquility. Variation of jasmine.
Jeanne = Feminine of John.
Jeanette = Feminine of John.
Jeannine = Feminine of Gene.
Jemimah = Dove.
Jemina = Right-handed.
Jemma = dove.
Jenn = A Short form of Jennifer.
Jenna = Small bird. Heaven. Paradise. Garden. Fair one.
Jennah = Heaven. Paradise. Garden. Fair one.
Jenni = White wave.
Jennie = Well born.
Jennifer = Fair lady.
Jennifer = White wave. Fair one.
Jerusha = Inheritance. Married or possesed one.
Jesamie = Short form of Jessica.


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