Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Adair= Form of Edgar. From the oak tree ford.
Adalard= Braveand noble.
Adam = First.Earthling man. From the red earth.Wheat-coloured.White Camel. Balck -spotteddeer. First man and prophet who is considered the father of human race.
Earth. Ruby.CelestialGlobe.
Adar = Fiery.
Adarsh = Ideal.Nobelman.
Addison = Sonof Adam.
Addul = Sonof. Servant of.  Adel = Noble.Kind.
Adelbert= Noble and brilliant.

Adelric = Noblecommander.
Adesh = Anorder.A command.
Adheer = Restless.
Adheesh = King.God.
Adhesh = Acommand.
Adhik = More.Superior.Elevated.Excess
Adhip = King.
Adhish = God.King.
Adhishwar = Emperor.Supreme authority(The God).
Adhrutha = Independent. Another name for Lord Vishnu.
Adiel = God is an ornament.
Adil = Sincere.Just. 
Adin= Pleasure given. Sensual.
Adinarayan= Vishnu.
Adinath ,Aadinath= Father of Bharata & Bahubali. Leader
Adipurush =Paramatma.
Adishankar= Sri Sankaracharya,founder of Adwaitha Philosophy.
Adishesh =Serpent God.
Adisura = Nameof an ancient king.Vishnu.
Adit = TheSun.
Adithya = Sun. 
Aditi= Infinite.
Aditya = TheSun.
Aditya Vardhan= One who embellishes the Sun.
Adjovi = Prince.
Adlai = Myornament. My witness.
Adler = Eagle.
Adolf = Noblewolf.
Adolph = Noblewolf
Adonis = Handsome.A lord.
Adrian = Asaints name. Dark one.Of the Adriatic
Adriel = OfGod's congregation. Of Gods flock.
Adrik = Ofthe Adriatic. Bold.
Aduke = I am loved.
Adunni = A child that everyone would like to have.

Advaita = Non-duality.
Advay = Unique.

Adwin = Artist. Adwithiya= Without a second,unequalled
Aegeus = Afterthe Aegean sea. 
Aeneas = Praiseworthy. 
Aeolus = Theruler of the winds.
Afam = Loyal.
Affoyon = Welcome.
Afroz = Joy.
Aftab = TheSun.

Agarkar = Surname.
Agasti = Nameof a sage
Agastya = Nameof a saint. Name of a sage.
Name of a star
Agendra = Kingof the mountains.
Agha = Master.Lord.Chief.Elderbrother.Mister.Another name for god.
Aghad = Vast.Deep,UnfathomableTheGod.
Agharna = Themoon
Aghor= Gentle nature of shiva, one of the five faces of shiva.

Aghoranath= Shiva.
Agira = Sun.Fire.
Agneya = Directionowned by Agni, the direction between east and south.
Agnihamsa =Athma. Soul.
Agnimistra= Friend of fire.
Agnivesh =Name of a saint. An ancient medical authority.
Agrahar = Aplot of land given to a Brahman by a king.
Agrim = Advance.First.
Agrima = Leadership.
Agriya = First.Best.
Agyey = Unknown. 


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