Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Anamika = Without Name.
Anaamika = Name of 4th finger.
Anabelle = Graceful and Beautiful.
Anala = Godess of fire.Holy cow.Grand daughter of Kamadhenu.
Anandhabhairavi = One of the raga's.
Anandhalahari = Wave of happiness.
Anandhavardhini = One who increases happiness.
Anandhi(Anandi) = Happiness.
Anandhitha = Lady in joyous mood.
Ananga = Love.
Anangalekha = Love letter.
Anangamalini = God of love.
Anangee = Sexy.
Ananta = Eternal woman. Infinite.
Anantasree(Ananthasri) = Who has boundless wealth.Ananthalakshmi.
Ananya = Matchless.
Anapayina = Eternal.Lakshmi.
Anarghya = Priceless.
Anastasia = Ressurection. The renewal of spring. A new beginning.
Anasuya(Aanasooya) = One without jealousy. Wife of sage Goutham.
Anatola = Feminine of Anatole.
Ancelin = Hand-maiden.
Anchal = Pallu of the saree. Border of the saree.
Anchiara = Darkness Falls.
Anchita = Honoured.Worshipped.
Andal(Aandal) = Devotee of Vishnu.
Andie = Strong.
Andrea = Lady Andrew. Feminine.
Andreana = Strong and Womanly.
Anemone = Windflower.
Angaja = Daughter.
Angani = Attractive girl.
Angel = Messenger.
Angela = Angelic.Messenger. Heavenly messenger.
Angelica = From the herb Angelica. Like an angel.
Angelina = Angel. Messenger.
Angira = Mother of Brihaspati
Anika = Lord Durga.
Anima = The power of becoming small.
Anina = Answer my prayer.
Anindita = One who cannot be defamed.Blameless.
Anisa = Friendly. Tree of life
Anisha = Continuous.Without interruption. has an everlasting flame for eternity.
Anita = Grace.Mercy.
Anitra = For the Arab girl in grieg's peer gynt suite.
Anjali, Anjalee = Homage. Showering respect. A mode of pressing hands together.
Anjana = Mother of Hanuman. Mountain
Anju = One who lives in the heart.
Anjum = A token. A signet.A Star
Ankitha = A Signet.Symbol.
Ankur = A Sprout.
Ann = Gracious. A form of Hannah
Anna = Graceful.Variant of Hannah. Annabel = Lovable.
Annabelle = Beautiful.Graceful. Loveable.
Annada = Godess of food. Parvathi.

Annapoorna = Godess Parvathi.Godess of food.
Anne = Favouring.Grace.Mercy.
Annel = Combination of Anna & Elena.
Anneliese = Graceful and Consecrated to God.
Annette = Grace.Mercy.
Annie = Favor. Grace.
Annika = Grace.
Annise = Pineapple.
Annunciata = Bearer of news.
Anona = The Roman Goddessof crops.
Anoona = Perfect.
Anora = Grace and honor.
Anouksha = Endearment, Fullfilment of desire.
Anselma = Feminine of Anselm.
Anshumaala = Garland of Rays.
Antara = Second note in
Hindusthani music.
Anthahkarana = Sympathy Kindness.Tenderness.
Anthea = Flowerlike
Antima = Ultimate.
Antoinette = Inestimable. Without price. Feminine form of Anthony.
Antonia = Feminine of Anthony.
Anubhuti = Experience.
Anugathadevi = A friend.A person who accompanies,a wife.
Anugraha = Blessings.Grace.
Anukampa = Sympathy.Compassion.
Anukeerthana = Praising God's virtues.
Anuksha = Every moment.
Anulekha = Beautiful picture.
Anuli = Feminine of Anthony.
Anuloma = Sequence.
Anumegha = Following the rain.
Anumita = Logically established.Analytical.Precise.
Anumloche = An apsara's name
Anunaya = Gentle comfort.
Anupa = Goddess Kali.
Anupallavi = Part of the song which is sung immediately after the pallavi(headlines of a song).
Anupama, Anupriya = One without comparison.

Anuprabha = Brightness.
Anura = Attachment. Love.Compassion.
Anuradha = One of the 27 stars. (1.Aswini, 2. Bharani, 3.Krithika, 4.Rohini,5.Mrugasira. 6.Aarthra, 7.Punarvasu, 8.Pushyami, 9.Ashlesha, 10.Makha, 11.Pubba, 12.Uttara, 13.Hastha, 14.Chitta, 15.Swati, 16.Visakha, 17.Anuradha,18.Jyeshta, 19.Moola, 20.Poorvaashada, 21.Uttaraashada, 22.Shravana, 23.Dhanishta, 24.Satabhisha, 25.Poorvabhadra, 26.Uttarabhadra and 27.Revathi.)
Anuragha = Love.
Anuraghini = Beloved.
Anurakthi = Love.Affection.
Anurama = Pretty.Lakshmi.
Anuranjana = One who pleases the mind.
Anurati = Consent.
Anurupa = Suitable.
Anusha = Name of a star Beautiful morning
Anusheela = Good character.
Anusheetha = To be calm.
Anushma = Without any heat.
Anushri = Beautiful. Pretty
Anusree = Pretty. Lakshmi.
Anusuya = Wife of rishi.
Anutara = Unanswered.
Anuvindha = One who receives.
Anuvrindha = Krishna's Queen. Mitravinda's
another name.
Anvita = Who bridges the gap.
Anya = Gracious.
Anyi = Her destiny.
Aoife = Beauty.


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