Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with A - Baby Names with Meanings

Atalaya = Watchtower.
Atara = Crown.
Atefa = Compassionate. Kind.
Athalia = God is mighty.
Athena = The Goddess of wisdom.
Atianna = Little Princess.
Atifa = Compassionate. Kind.
Atira = Prayer.
Atishaya = Superiority.Preeminance.
Atithi = Guest.
Atlanta = A huntress in greek mythology.
Attar = Scent fragnance.
Atulya = Unequalled
Aubree = Golden-haired queen of the spirit world.
Audrey = Noble Strength. Strong. Strength to over come.
Augusta = Majestic. Grand.Feminine form of August.
Aura = Breeze.Goddess of Breeze.
Aurelia = Goddess of Dawn; Golden.
Aurora = Dawn.
Autumn = Ice Princess. For the season.
Ava = Bird. Birdlike.
Avani = Earth
Avanji = Daughter of Earth.Seetha
Avanthi = Name of a historical city.
Avatoda = Name of a river in Heaven.
Avery = Rules with elf wisdom.
Aviella = God is my father.
Avinashini = Eternal.Imperishable.
Avital = Dew of my father.
Aviva = Spring.
Avoda = Work.
Ayah = Bright.
Ayala = Gazelle.
Ayanna = Innocent. Anything.
Ayofemi =Joy loves me. The Joy of God is with me.
Ayushi = Long life.
Aylivia = Unique; Blessed or Anointed.
Azalea = From the flower Azalea.
Azelia = Helped by God
Aziza = Beloved.Precious. Beautiful.
Azura = Sky-blue.
Azusena = Lily..


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