Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with B - Baby Names with Meanings

Bab = Gate. Founder of the religious system called Baha.
Baba = Ascetic. Father. Grandfather. Sire. Old man.
Baba Khan = Father-king.
Royal title.
Babaghal = Parrot.
Babak = Little father. Honest. Straight. Strong rules and regulations. Faithful. Turquoise stone. Pupil of the eye. Children. Babakan = Belonging to or connected with Babak.
Babala = Upward. Above.
Babar = Lion
Babat = Lucky. Fortunate.
Babbagha = Parrot.
Babgha = Parrot.
Babi = Of the bab. Followers of the sufi saint Bab.
Babil = Gate of God. Babylon,Renowned for wine and magic. Planet Jupiter. East.
Babirah = Bracelet.
Babiyah = Miraculous things.
Babr = Tiger.
Babu = Brother. Chief. Prince. Master. Owner. Babuk = Camomile flowers. Earth apple.
Babul = Gate of God. Babylon,Renowned for wine and magic. Planet Jupiter. East.
Babunah = Wild ivy. Persian camomile.
Babunaj = Wild ivy. Persian camomile.
Babunak = Camomile.
Babutah = Earthern pitcher full of water.

Bachchah = Child. Baby. Cub.
Bad = Vata. Air. Wind. 22nd day of the Parsi month and the yazata presiding over it.
Bada = Appearance. Big. Producing something new. Originating.
Badaat = Wonderful. Surprising. Outstripping in courage and learning. Beginning. Start. First step. First instance
Badar = Moist. Fresh. Green. Lettuce. 29th day of the month or moon. Badarayan = Sage Ved Vyas.
Badari Prasad = A gift of Badrinarayan. Badarish = Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas.

Badaruj = Sweet Basil.
Badasghan = Ivy. Convolvulus. Badash = Requital of kindness. Badawi = Of the desert.Bedouin. Baddu = Of the desert . Bedouin. Nomadic tribes of Arabia.

Badgan = Keeper. Guardian. Treasurer.
Badgar = Whirlwind.
Badgarjai = Creator of wind/fresh air. One of the 101 names of Ahura Mazda.
Badgelgar = Reducing air to ashes. One of the 101 names of Ahura Mazda.
Badgeradtum = Maker of air and earth. One of the 101 names of Ahura Mazda
Badi = Discoverer. Inventor. Creator. Incomparable. Original. Wonderful. Surprising. Rare. Marvellous. Astonishing. Eminent man. Bottle in which honey is preserved. One of the 99 excellent names of God. Beginning. Author. Cause. Countryman. Another name for God.
Badiah = Astonishing. Amazing. Marvel. Wonder. Original creation
Badidar = Slightly. Pleasing to the eye.
Badij = Myrobalan tree.
Badikh = Eminent.
Badil = Generous. Brave.
Badiljan = Egg plant.
Badinj = Coconut.
Badinjan = Egg plant.
Badir = Shining. Badri = Cloud. Lord Vishnu. Badrinarayan = Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas.

Badrinath = Diety at the piligrimage centre "Badari" in Himalayas. Lord Vishnu.
Badru = Born during the full moon.
Badshah = King. Sovereign.
Baha = Glory.
Bahubali = Gomateswar. A Jain Tirthankar.
Bahul = A Star . Black. Dark.
Bahuleya = Kartikeya.
Bahuman = Prize.
Bahushruta = Scholar.
Baidyanath = Shiva.
Bailey = Steward. Public official. Courtyard with castle walls.
Bainbridge = Bridge over bright water. Baird = Ballad singer.
Bajarang = Hanuman. Hanumanth. of Lord Hanuman.


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