Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with C - Baby Names with Meanings

Cade = A short form of Cadell.
Cadell = Battler. Of martial spirit.
Cadman = Warrior.
Cadmus = Man of the east.
Caeden = Spirit of war. Warring Ethos.
Caelan = A form of Nicholas.
Cailean = Young Wolf.
Cainan = Decendent of adam. Spear.
Calder = Brook. Cool clear spring. Caldwell = Cold stream.
Caleb = Heart. Messenger.Dog.Bold.Staunch. Calhoun = From the narrow woods.
Calton = Coal Town.
Calvert = Herdsman.
Calvin = Bald one.
Camden = Feom the winding valley. Cameron = Crooked nose.Awesome. Energetic. Excited. Bent nose. Name of a country/place. crooked stream. Cameroon = Name of a country/place, crooked stream, crooked nose.
Campbell = Wry mouth.
Canute = Knot.
Cardew = From the black fort.
Carew = From the fortress.
Carey = From the castle.
Carl = Manly. One having pride and strength. Charles.
Carlin = Little champion.
Carlisle = Of the walled city.
Carlo = Manly.
Carlos = Strong and manly.
Carlton = Carl's Town.
Carmichael = Of Michael's stronghold.
Carney = Warrior.
Carr = Marsh dewller.
Carrick = Of the rocky headlands.
Caris = Love and Peace.
Carroll = Champion.
Carson = Marsh dweller's son.
Carswell = Dweller at the water-cress spring.
Carter = Cart driver.
Carvell = From the estate in the marshes.
Carver = Woodcarver.
Cary = From the castle. Name of a place
Pleasant stream.
Casey = Valorous. Watchful.
Casimir = Herald of peace.
Casper = Treasure.
Cass = Herald of peace.
Cassidy = Ingenious.

Cassius = Vain.
Caster = One who casts.
Castor = Beaver.
Cathmor = Great warrior.
Cato = Wise.
Cauveriranga = Lord Ranganatha.
Cavell = Bold.
Cayden = Spirit of war.
Ceasar = Hairy child. Long-haired.
Cecil = Blind.
Cedric = Battle chieftain. Gift of splendour.
Celeste = Heavenly.
Cephas = Rock.
Cesar = Long-haired.
Chacen = Huntsman.
Chad = Warlike.
Chadburn = From the wildcat brook. Chadwick = From the warrior's town. Chaim = Life.
Chaitanya = Energy. Vitality.
Chaithra = First month of the year. Chaitya = A buddhist or jain temple. Chakor = A bird.
Chakradhar, Chakrapani = Vishnu wearing Charkra (Wheel)weapon. Chakravak = A bird.
Chakravarthy = King. Emperor. Chakresh = King.Emperor.
Chakshu = Eye.
Chalavanth = A determined person. Chalmers = Son of the overseer. Chalukya = A king.

Chaman = Joy.
Chamaraj = A king.
Chamarajendra = A king.
Chamatkar =Cleverness.Skill. Wonder.
Champak = A fragnant flower. Chanaksha = Chanakya.
Chanakya = A clever man. Wordlywise person. Author of 'Arthasastra',Book on Economics and Political science.
Chanchal = Unsteady.Moving
to and fro.
Chandan = Sandalwood.
Chandira = The moon
Chandler = Candle maker.
Chandra = Moon .
Chandra Chood = One wearing Moon as jewel on his head. Shiva
Chandra Kanth =Moonglow. Moonstone. A kind of crystal. Son of sage Yagnyavalkya.
Chandra Mohan = Beautiful Moon


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