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Chandra Sekhar = One wearing Moon as jewel on his head. Shiva
Chandrabanu = Son of Sri Krishna and Satyabama.
Chandrabh = Moon light.One of the manus in jain mythology.
Chandradev = A king.
Chandradhar = Shiva.
Chandraditya = A king.
Chandrahas = A person with a beautiful smile.
Chandrakiran = A ray of moonlight.
Chandrama = The moon
Chandranath = Moon
Chandraneel = A blue gem.
Chandraprakash = Moon light.
Channakeshav = Vishnu.
Channamallikarjun = Shiva.Akkamhadevi's God.
Channing = Knowing.
Chanrasmey = Brightness from the moon.
Chapin = Chaplain.
Chapman = Merchant.
Chardeshna = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charles = A man. Manly.
Charlie = Cutest boy.
Charlton = Farmer's town.
Charuchandra = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charuchit = Person with beautiful mind.
Charudehi = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charugupta = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charuhas = Person with beautiful smile.
Chase = Hunter. Huntsman.
Chasen = Huntsman.
Chatham = Soldier's land.
Chatrapathy = King.
Chatur = Able.Efficient.Competent.
Chaturanan = One with four faces.Brahma.
Chaturbhuj = Vishnu.One with four hands.
Chaturmukh = One with four faces.Bramha.
Chaturvedi = Who has studied the four Vedas.
Chaturvyuh = One with who personifies in four arrys.Vishnu.
Chatwin = Soldier's friend.
Chaudary = Surname.

Chauncey = Chancellor.
Chayank = The Moon
Chayapathi = The Sun.
Chayce = Huntsman.
Chaz = Form of Charles.

Cheluva = Handsome.
Chemdat = beloved of, desired of
Chen = Great.
Cheney = From the oak forest.
Chester = From the army fort.
Chetan = Mind.Athma.Soul.
Chetananand = Bliss.
Chetas = Mind.Heart.
Chetty = Surname.
Chidamber = Whose heart is as vast as sky.
Chidanand = Supreme happiness. Chidathma = Supreme spirit.The God.
Chidruph = Knowledge.Incarnate.
Chiduku = Little one.
Chilton = From the spring farm.
Chinmay = Pure intellect.One with intelligence and wisdom.
Chinmayananda = Pure happiness.
Chintak = Thinker.One who thinks.
Chintan = Thought.
Chiradeep = Eternal lamp.
Chirag = Lamp.
Chiranjeevi = Person blessed with long life. Chirantan = Everlasting.Endless.Ancient. Chitrachap = Rainbow.
Chitrakanth = Pigeon.
Chitraketu = Sri krishna's cousin.Uddhava's brother. Chitraksh = One with beautiful smile.
Chitranad = The Sun.Name of a Gandharva. Chitrashwa = Another name of Sathyavan. Chitravahan = Father of chitrangade(Arjuna's wife). Chitravahu = The Sun.Name of a year.
Chitrayudh = A king.
Chittamohan = Person with beautiful mind.Who attracts the mind.
Chittaswaroop = The supreme spirit.
Chittatosh = Happy.
Chittesh = Lord of the mind.
Chittranjan = Who pleases mind. Pleasing.
Chong HWA =Straight Fire (Korean).Beautiful Flower (Chinese).
Chowdary = Surname.
Christian = Follower of Christ.Annointed.
Christion = Strong and Attractive Appearance.
Christopher = Christ-bearer. One who belives
Christ. With Christ inside. Bearing Christ.
Chuck = Manly.
Cian = Ancient.
Cicero = Chickpea.
Citadel = A fortress on a high ground i.e. protecting and dominating.
Clarence = Famous. Brighrt. Name of a place.
Clark = Scholar, Surname.
Claud = Lame.


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