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Bobbie = Nickname of Roberta and Barabara.
Bonita = Little good one. Pretty. Bonnie = Charming. Good. Pretty. Brandy = Name of a beverage. Sword. Liquor.
Branwen = White Raven.
Breanna = Brianna.
Breck = Freckled.
Bree = Pill.
Breena = Fairy palace.Raven Maiden.
Brenda = Princess. Fiery.
Brenna = Variant of Brenda (Princess). Raven.
Brett = Brit.
Bretta = Feminie of Bret.
Briana = Feminine of Brian.
Brianna = She ascends.
Briar = a wild rose with prickly thorns.
Bridget = Saint. Strong. An Irish Goddess. Strength.
Briean = Strength.
Brina = Short form of Sabrina (Goddess).
Brinda = Tulasi.
Brinthadevi = Queen of garden.
Brionna = Variant of Brianna.
Briony = Name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine.
Brisa = The Greek name of the woman
loved by Achilles.
Brit = Spotted. Freckled.
Britannia = From Britain.
Britt = Strength.
Brittany = From England.
Brittney = From England.
Brittania = A poetic name for the Great Britain. Roman name of Great Britain.19th
Century Literary sisters, Anne, Charlotte
and Emily Bronte

Bontee = Name derived from the 19thCentury Literary sisters, Anne, Charlotte and Emily Bronte
Bronte = Name derived from the
Bronwyn = White-breasted.
Brooke = Dwellar by the brook. Water. Stream. Feminine of Brook.
Brunella = Brown-haired.
Brunhilda = Hereoine.
Bryce = Name of a saint.
Bryn = Hill.
Bryna = Feminine of Brian (hill place).
Buena = Good.
Byzanta = From the ancient city of Byzantium


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