Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with C - Baby Names with Meanings

Clay = Of clay. Surname, Clay-pit worker.
Clayborne = Born of clay.
Clayton = Surname, Name of a place, Clay-pit site. Town at the clay beds. Clement = Merciful. Kind.
Cleon = Famous. Cletus = Summoned. Cleveland = Cliff land.
Cliff = Cliff.
Clifford = Name of a place, Near a slope. River crossing at the cliff.
Clifton = Town by the cliff. From the hill farm.
Clinton = Name of a place, Surname, Near a hill.
Clive = From the cliff.
Clodagh = Sparkling Star.
Clyde = Heard from a far.
Cody = Helpful.
Colbert = Brilliant seafarer.
Colby = Dark. Dark haired. From the dark farm.
Cole = Dovekeeper.
Coleman = Dove, Peace. Dovekeeper. Colin = Child.
Collier = Miner.
Collin = Dove, Youth.
Colston = Name of a place, Surname. Colton = From the dark town.
Columbus =From the Italian explorer.
Conan = Intelligent.
Condon = Dark. Wise one.
Conlan = Hero.
Connar = Wise. Praised.
Conner = High desire.
Conrad = Wise counselor.
Conroy = Wise one.
Constantine = Firm. Constant. Conway = Hound of the plain. Cooper = Barrel maker.
Copper = Surname.
Corban = Gift for God.
Corbett = Black hair. Raven.
Corbin = Raven-haired.
Corcoran = Of ruddy complexion.
Cordero = Lamb. Lamb of god.
Cormac = Champion.
Cornell = Horn-coloured.
Cort = Wise counsellor.
Corwin = Raven.
Cory = Surname.
Corydon = Lark.
Courtland = Of the court's land.
Courtney = Of the court.
Cowan = Of the hillside hollow.
Craig = From the crag.
Crandall = From the valley of cranes.
Cranley = From the crane's meadow.
Cranston = Of the crane's town.
Crawford = From the crow ford.
Creighton = From the creek town.
Crispin = Curly-haired.
Crispus = Given name of Crispus Attucks, black hero of the American Revolution.
Crofton = From the fenced farm.
Crompton = From the crooked farm.
Cromwell = From the winding spring.
Crosby = Dweller near the cross.
Cross road.
Culbert = Brilliant seafarer.
Cullen = Handsome.
Culver = Dove.
Curran = Champion. Hero.
Curt = Courteous.
Cuthbert = Famous. Brilliant.
Cutler = Knifemaker.
Cyncere = Dedicated acheiver.
Cyndal = The moon.
Cyprian = Man of Cyprus.
Cyril = Lordly. From God.
Cyrus = Sun. (Cyrus The Great. Established the Persian Empire. When that empire got weak after 2500 years. Alexander The Great defeated it, and established The ROMAN EMPIRE.)


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