Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with J - Baby Names with Meanings

Jabali = A sage.
Jabari = Valiant.courageous.
Jabin = God has built.
Jacan = Trouble.
Jace = Short form of Jason.
Jacelyn = Jason. Healing.
Jacinto = Masculine form of the Greek name Hyacinth, meaning 'alas'.
Jack = A name based on John or Jacques, the French form of Jacob. His favor.
Jackie = Strong and Courageous.
Jackson = Son of Jack.
Jacob = Supplanter.The son of Isaac and Rebekah and twin brother of Esau.Jacob fathered 12 sons and a daughter, who became the ancestors of the nation of Israel.
Jacques = Supplanter. Variant form of Jacob.
Jaden = God has heard.
Jadyn = God has heard.
Jaelie = Mountain goat. Climber
Jafar = Little stream.
Jagadatma = Soul of the world.Vishnu.
Jagadeep = Light of the world.The Sun.
Jagadeesh = King of the world.
Jagadwikhyat = World famous.
Jagdish = Jagat+Ishwar.
Jagajit = One who conquered the world.
Jagan = World. Universe.
Jaganmitra = Friend of the world.
Jaganmohan = SriKrishna.
Jagannath = King of the universe. Vishnu.
Jagath = World.Universe.
Jagmohan = Sri Krishna.
Jago = Variant of James used in Cornwall.
Jaiden = Precious.
Jairdan = One who finds light and brings enlightenment.
Jaiganesh = Victorious Ganapati.
Jaimini = Principle Disciple.
Jairam = Victorious Rama.
Jaishankar = Victorious Shiva.
Jaithra = Victorious Vishnu,Shiva,Jina,Arjun.
Jahi = Dignified.
Jake = Dimunitive form of Jacob.
Jaladhar = Cloud.
Jaladhi = The Sea.
Jaladhij = Moon
Jalan = Cloud.
Jalaneel = Blue colour of the sea.
Jaleel, Jalil = Influence. Radiance. Jamadagni = A sage.
Jamal = Handsome.
Jambukeshwar = Shiva.Eashwar. Jambuvanth = Bear King.
Jameel = Handsome.
James = Variant of Jacob. One of the 12 apostles of Jesus, who possibly was also a cousin of Jesus.
Jamie = James
Jamil = Handsome.
Jamin = Right hand of favor.
Jamison = Son of James.
Jan = Variant of John. His favor


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