Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with J - Baby Names with Meanings

Janak = Father of Sita.
Janakinandan = Son of Janaki. Janakiram = Ram with Janaki (Sita). Janamejaya = Pareekshit's son. Janardhan = Vishnu.
Janette = Gracious God.
Jangam = Moving God.Ascetic.
Janis = A form of John.
Janine = Variant of John. Gift from God. Jansen = Son of John.
Jared = Descending. Name of a pre-flood ancestor of Jesus.
Jarred = He Descends.
Jarrell = A good Leader.
Jaroslav = Glory of spring.
Jarvis = Spear-sharp.
Jasbir = Famous victorious hero.
Jascha = Supplanter.
Jashan = Celebration.
Jason = A healing.Name of an early Christian associate of Paul.
Jasper = Treasure.
Jataved = Agni.
Jatayu = A bird who fought with ravana when he was carrying away sita and died.
Jatin = Sage, Muni.
Javier = Onwer of newly constructed house.
Jawahar = Jewel.
Jay = From the birds called jays.
Jayadeep = Lamp of Victory.
Jayden = God has heard.
Jaydev = One who always win.
Jay Jasvant = Victorious famous.
Jaya Prakash = Glowing/Shining with victory.
Jayachamarajendra = Name of the last King of Mysore.
JayaChandra = One who won over moon. Another name of Lord Shiva.
Jayadbal = Sahadev's name during hiding period.
Jayadev = Name of a famous poet who composed 'Git Govind'.
Jayadhar = Victorious.
Jayagopal = Victorous Krishna.
Jayakumar = Victorious.
Jayan = Victory.
Jayanand = Happy in his victory.
Jayant = Indra's son.
Jayaprakash = Glowing/Shining with victory.
Jayaraj = Victorious King.
Jayaram = Victorious Ram.
Jayasena = A king of Avanthi, Brother-in-law of Vasudev.
Jayashankar = Victorious Shiva.
Jayasimha = Name of a king. Victorious Lion.
Jayatheertha = Holy victory.
Jayatsena = Nakula's name during hiding period.
Jayavardhan = Extending the Victory.
Jayawardhan = Who increases victory.
Jayendra = Victorious.
Jayesh = Bhima's name during hiding period.
Jayson = A contemporary of Jason.
Jean = His favor.
Jeb = Friend of God.
Jed = Hand.
Jedidiah = Beloved of the Lord.
Jeemoot = Cloud.
Jeemootavahan = Indra, A Naga(Serpent).
Jeevak = Jain Ascetic.
Jeevan = Life.
Jeevatma = The Soul.
Jeevotham = Best living being,The God.
Jefferson = Jeffery's son.
Jeffrey = Divinely peaceful.
Jeirk = Strong. Helpful. Caring & Manly.


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