Boys Baby - Male Baby Names Starting with J - Baby Names with Meanings

Jelani = Powerful.
Jemond = I'm the world.
Jene = Well born.
Jennings = Descendants of John.
Jensen = God is gracious
Jeremiah = God will uplift.
Jeremy = God will uplift. Raise up.
Jeremyn = A German.
Jerim = Kind hearted. Full of love.
Jerome = Sacred name.
Jess = Wealthy.
Jesus = God is my salvation.
Jesse = Jehovah exists. Name of the shepherd father of King David.
Jethro = Abundance.
Jhenkar = Humming sound of the bee or beetle.
Jigar = Heart.
Jignas = Thirst for knowledge.
Jim = Variant of Jacob.
Jina = Holy person.
Jinaprasad = Gift of Jina.
Jishnu = Victorious, Vishnu,Shiva,Jina,Arjun.
Jitendra = One has control over sense organs.
Jitendriya = Who has control over sense organs.
Joab = God is the father.
Joachim = God will judge.
Joan = Helper.
Joanna = God is Gracious.
Joanne = His favor.
Jodi = The Lords Praise.
Joel = God is willing.
Jehovah is the Lord.
Johann = God has been gracious.
Johar = Salute.
John = His favor. God has been gracious.
Joji = Japanese form of George.
Jonah = Dove.
Jonas = Dove.
Jonathan = God has given.
Jorge = Farmer.
Jose = God will increase.
Jordan = Descending.
Jose = He shall increase.
Joseph = He shall increase. The son of Jacob. Joseph was the one that was sold into slavery by his brothers, rose to become a supreme power in Egypt. Also Jesus earthly father, a carpenter. May Jah give increase.
Josh = Jehovah is my salvation.
Joshua = God is my salvation. Joshua = Jehovah is salvation. Joshua was an attendant and helper to Moses during the Israelites' 40 year trek through the Sinai wilderness. He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses.
Josiah = The Lord's fire.
Jotham = God is perfect.
Jovan = Young prince. One who is powerful and commanding . Father of the sky.
Juan = God has been gracious.John.
Julian = Jove's child.
Jubal = Ram's horn.
Judah = Praised.
Judd = Praised.
Judson = Judah's son.
Jules = Belonging to julius.
Julian = Belonging to julius.
Julius = Youthful. Downy-bearded.
Junius = Youthful.
Jurgen = Farmer.
Justice = To deliver what is just.
Justin = Upright. Just.
Jwalanath = Agni.
Jwalanth = Shining,Blazing object.
Jwalaprasad = Gift of Agni.
Jwalin = Shiva.
Jyothilingam = Shivalinga at Arunachalam.
Jyothiprakash = Light of a lamp.
Jyothirmandal = The Solar system.
Jyothishmat = Sun,Son of king priyavrat who ruled over Rushadweep.
Kaci = Thorny.
Kadamba = Name of a dynasty which ruled over ancient Karnataka.
Kai = Ocean (Hawai Origin).
Kadar = Powerful.
Kade = Wetlands.
Kadin = Companion.
Kadmiel = God is the ancient one.
Kailas = Home of Lord Shiva. Hills where Shiva lived.
Kailasanath = One who lives in Kailas. Shiva.
Kainoa = Strong Warrior
Kaivalya = Vaikunta, Vishnu's abode.
Kaivalyanath = Vishnu.
Kalabhairav = Shiva the destroyer.
Kalad = Wealthy. Money.


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