Girls Baby - Female Baby Names Starting with C - Baby Names with Meanings

Caitlin = Pure. Variant of Katherine.
Caitrin = Form of Catherine.
Caledonia = The old latin name for Scotland.
Calida = Warm and loving.
Calina = Warm & Loving.
Calista = Most beautiful.
Calla = From the African plant, the calla lily.
Callum = Dove.
Calvina = Feminine of Calvin.
Cambria = The latin name for Wales.
Cameo = A carved gem.
Camilla = Attendant on the Gods.
Camille = Free-born. Noble.Young ceremonial attendant.
Cammie = A short form of Camille.
Camryn = Crooked nose.Awesome. Energetic. Excited. Bent nose. Name of a country/place. crooked stream.
Canada = After the commonwealth of
Candida = Pure. Bright.

Canace = Child of the wind.
Canadace = Pure glowing. An ancient hereditary title used by the Ethiopian queens (like Caeser used by Roman emperors).
Candice = An ancient hereditary title used by the Ethiopian queens
Candida = Pure. Bright.
Capri = For a child born under the sign of Capricorn. For the island near the Bay of Naples.
Cara = Beloved.
Carensa = Love.
Cariluna = Mix of Carina + Luna.
Carita = Charitable.
Carla = Fem form of Carl. Feminine of Charles.
Carletta = Strong & Womanly.
Carley = Feminine form of Charles.
Carlota = Petite or feminine.
Carmel = God's vineyard.
Carmem = Garden.
Carol = Feminine form of Carl.Form of Carolyne. Joyous song.
Caroline = Feminine of Charles.
Carolyne = Feminine form of Charles.
Carrie = Little and womanly.
Carys = Love.
Caryn = Pure.
Caryus = To Love.
Casey = Courageous.Valorous. Watchful
Cass = Herald of Peace.
Cassandra = Helper of men. The Trojan prophetess. Unheeded prophetess.
Cassaundra = A prophetess for humankind

Cassie = Star Light. Star Bright.
Casta = Pious.
Catherine = Pure.
Catlina = Pure.
Catalina = Pure.

Catriona = Pure.
Cecilia = Blind.

Cecily = Love and Happy. Blind.
Celeste = Celestrial, Heavenly.
Celia = Blind.
Celina = Moon.
Ceres = The Roman Goddess of the harvest. Cerise = Cherry.
Cerys = To love.
Chanchala = Unsteady. Goddess Lakshmi. Very active.
Chanda = One of the names assumed by Sakti, "the great Goddess".
Chandana = SandalWood.
Chandini = Moon Light.
Chaandini = Moonlight.
Chandra = Moon
Chandramathi = Name of Harischandra's wife.
Chandrika = Moonlight.
Chanel = Name of a famour perfume. Chanmundeswari = Durga.
Chantal = Stony place, Name of a place.
Chantelle = Song.
Charissa = Grace. Kindness.
Charity = Esteem.
Charlene = Strong. Womanly.
Charlese = Princess.
Charlotte = Feminine of Charles.
Charmaine = Little song.
Charu = Beautiful.
Charukeshi = One with beautiful hair.
Charulata = Beautiful creeper.
Charumathi = One with beautiful mind.
Charunetra = One with beautiful eyes. Chausiku = Born at night.
Chava = Life-giving.
Chaya = Feminine of Chaim. Shadow. Surya's wife.
Chellryn = Earth Witch.
Chelsea = For the place name in London or NewYork. Landing on river, Name of a place.
Chelsi = Name of a place.
Chenoa = White dove.
Cher = Beloved, Dear.
Cherie = Dear one.
Cheryl = Feminine of Charles.
Cheyenne = A tribal name.
Chetana = Energy. Consciousness. Chintamani = A gem which is believed to give whatever asked.
Chiquitta = Little one.
Chirdrupi = Various forms. One of the names from Lalitha Sahasranamam.
Chitra = Painting. Picture.
Chitrakala = Arts of Eternal Knowledge.
Chitralekha = Beautiful picture. Friend of Urvashi. Friend of Usha.
Chloe = Fertile. Young maiden. Goddess of agriculture. Blooming. Young green shoot.
Chloie = Variant of Chloe.
Chloris = The Goddess of flowers.
Choodamani = Jewel worn on head
Christabelle = Beautiful Christian. Christina = Follower of Christ.Annointed.
Christinna = Follower of Christ.Annointed.
Christean = Feminine form of christian.
Christine = Feminine of Christian.


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